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In front of you is the eleventh and twelfth newsletter of Reconstruction Women’s Fund. Stay tuned, join, donate!!!

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Special Focus 2017

In 2017 we supported 24 projects within the Special Focus programme. Just like last year, the focus remained on our deep concerns: militarization of the society, nationalism and racism. They penetrate into all social spheres and it is clear to us that we have to oppose them at all levels, nationwide and in different ways. Therefore, this year we supported groups from Vlasotince, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Prijepolje, Novi Bečej, Niš, Kruševac, and Leskovac, which work in their local communities, but also groups which projects are being realized across the country. While some groups worked with local population, others gathered activists from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, and Macedonia. A third of supported groups were informal

Political understanding of different dimensions of nationalism, racism and militarism, thoroughness in work and innovative approaches led to various forms: street march and other actions in public spaces, publishing different collections, publications and a special edition of street newspaper, literary criticism, feminist football tournament, feminist fanzine, feminist festival, activist caravan, movie festival, documentary movies, a research of media contents, conferences, theatre performances, workshops and trainings, as well as women’s court for violation of labour rights.

Supported projects were intended for populations of different ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, educational levels, professions, and interests, but what brought us all together were insecure living and working conditions, attempts of marginalizing our struggles against nationalism and racism, and various pressures we were exposed to due to intense fascization of the society. Therefore, this year as well, we keep supporting joint actions through our Special Focus programme, we make women`s struggles visible, we learn, understand, name the problems and react with solidarity always and everywhere.

Save Our Rights 

Within the Special Focus programme in 2017 we have also supported the association „Žene Polimlja” from Prijepolje and their educational programme Save Our Rights.

Goal of the programme was to rethink together how the religion, tradition and cultural heritage get instrumentalized for restricting and jeopardizing human rights, as well as for justifying different forms of violence against women. The programme gathered women from Nova Varoš, Prijepolje, Priboj, Sjenica, Pljevlja and Belgrade.

The gathering included interactive lectures, workshops and watching documentary movies, which were used as starting points for discussing to what extent did we recognize such trends and practices in our local communities and society in general; what were the specific examples of violations of rights of women, especially ones perpetrated in the name of religion and tradition; what were the differences and what were common features of violations of women’s rights and dignity; what were the possibilities for resistance and what ways would be suitable.

Apart from the general conclusion that women are exposed to all forms of violence in the name of religion and customs: sexual, psychological, physical, political, socio-economic, participants also concluded that abuse of religion led to jeopardizing and abolishing of the right to freedom of opinion; restricting and/or depriving of freedom of movement, including social isolation and inability to take part in public life; jeopardizing the right of women to make their own decisions; imposing certain clothing and life styles upon women.

Bearing in mind the necessity to clearly distinguish religion as an expression of the need for spirituality and belonging from its instrumentalization for political and the purpose of oppressing different ones and ones with less power (especially women), participants stated there was a need to continue discussions on the growing theocratization of the state that endangers secularism (separation of religious institutions from the state) guaranteed by the Constitution, as well as on direct interference of religion in all pedagogical – educational, health, cultural, informational institutions and in political parties, causing discords and discrimination among people based on religious/ethnic belonging, especially in times of economic crisis and social frustrations. 

Strong Voices of Black Women! 

Within the feminist philanthropy programme, Reconstruction Women’s Fund keeps spreading the voices of women who inspire and motivate us.

We talked to our friend, colleague and a great activist Tata Traore-Rogers. Interview with Tata can be read at our website.

We also had the honour and privilege to meet a great political hip-hop artist and activist Akua Naru. Read and learn why there is nothing without black women!

#HSCDIB Press Conference 

Reconstruction Women’s Fund invites you to the press conference promoting the educational campaign HOW SISTERS COULD DO IT BEST!
Wednesday, December 20th, 2017, at 12:00 (noon), Media Center, Terazije 3, middle hall
Goal of the campaign was to problematize the issues of public money and ways of spending it, as well as to make us ask ourselves where to donate money individually. In the 2018 budget we see that the amounts assigned for defence and internal affairs are increased, while amounts for other fields, such as culture, education and science, are decreased.

Our whole lives we have been working for small or big money but rarely stopped to ask ourselves: WHERE OUR MONEY GOES TO?  

The publication we will present will explain why we initiated the educational campaign. It will also give us all the insight into the steps of (mis)understanding of certain processes of spending public and private money, and of importance of local philanthropic practices.  


  • Zoe Gudović, the campaign initiator, Reconstruction Women`s Fund
  • Danilo Ćurčić, bachelor of laws
  • Katarina Lončarević, docent at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Belgrade University
  • Milena Vasić, legal advisor at the Lawyers` Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM
  • Boban Stojanović, PhD candidate and a teaching associate at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Belgrade University, as well as founder of the Group for Public Policy Analysis and Creation
  • Fahrudin Kladničanin, programme coordinator in the Academic Initiative Forum 10, a local non-governmental organization from Novi Pazar

Further information on the campaign can be found at our website.

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