AKC “HERO MARIČIĆ”: Redistributing the support and helping marginalized friends is the key to solidarity

Photo: Bojana Minović

Vojkan Trifunović and Bojana Minović come from the Alternative cultural centre “Hero Maričić” from Kraljevo, from, as they say, “a little freedom oasis in a street named after national hero from nearby Žiča, Živan Maričić.” This space hosts gigs and social gatherings, as well as workshops, exchanges, benefit events, support to marginalized communities. 


SOLIDARY KITCHEN: Care as a Political Struggle


Sara Nikolić i Ema Stepanović are activists in the independent collective Solidary Kitchen that provides food and other forms of support to those in need. Grounded in the principles of solidarity and direct democracy, they conceive the struggle against hunger as part of the struggle for a more just society.