RWF wishes you many care-free coffees in 2021!

We are sending you our most sincere wishes for 2021 in coffee cups, hoping that the new year will bring us more opportunities for care-free coffee sessions and all that comes with it – bonding, joy, energy, powerful and empowering feminist political ideas that sometimes emerge in simple moments of togetherness. 

United against COVID-19 – Civil society support

Reconstruction Women’s Fund fully supports the initiative by RERI and Yucom relating to support to the initiative “United Against COVID-19” and the right of health workers to freely express their opinions. 


The global crisis caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 virus, as crises usually do, has made clear some of the structural problems of our society by additionally marginalizing already marginalized people. The state of emergency was enforced in March for a then undefined period of time, the measures were more and more restrictive, and the More

Jana Korb: Let’s envision even more possibilities for the future

Jana Korb is searching for interdisciplinarity and transcendence of traditional borders: by combining physical theater with circus arts, dance with aerials and new media… Thus she creates deep, condensed and touching theater pieces – using aerial arts as her physical expression and narrative.