16 Days in Serbia Campaign 2012

16 Days central action of the national campaign

Mass performance on November 25th We Remember Them – was devoted to women in Serbia who were killed by their partners and families. In 2011 in Serbia 29 women were killed in domestic/partnership violence. One third of cases of femicide globally were committed with guns.

Partners of the campaign Autonomous Women’s Center, network Women against Violence, Act Women, Women in Black and RWF demanded from the state to ratify European Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence and laid the symbolic plaque to commemorate the victims within a mass performance of actors and 400 people, with assistance of artists and musicians from Škart/Proba. Cult ex-Yugoslav songwriter Jadranka Stojaković granted the campaign rights to play her old famous moving song on loss of life. Roma girls participants of Pasarela were within the performance, so all aspects of our work were exposed and cooperated.

With all our dissatisfaction with poor institutional understanding and their performance, we could say that the issue was pushed publically, which we could judge by the increase of women asking assistance and protection. Important was high turnover and enthusiasm of women activists from all over Serbia. RWF was facilitated coming of over 100 women from 13 towns to the mass performance in Belgrade. Without local women’s enthusiasm, we would not succeed to handle the organization of the arrival.