16 Days in Serbia Campaign 2011

Reconstruction Women’s Fund, Autonomous Women’s Center, Art activist group ACT Women and Network of Women against Violence organized Campaign 16 Days with the slogan “Stop the Stalking of Women”. As part of this year’s campaign 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women we demanded for amendment of the Criminal Code, of Republic of Serbia, introducing the new criminal offense of Stalking.

In Serbia, a growing number of cases of stalking have been noted, of which some unfortunately have ended in death of the person who is being tracked. Women who experienced the stalking do not enjoy any protection and are left to the mercy of the perpetrators who do not suffer any criminal sanction.

During the Campaign our partners in the campaign who drafted and backed the amendment,  Autonomous Women’s Center and Women against Violence network, received the information that the amendment was recognized and put on the agenda of working group of Ministry of Justice in charge of drafting changes and amendments to the Criminal Code:


We printed 50,000 flyers and distributed them, in close cooperation with NGOs and institutions, in over 80 cities in Serbia. For the first time we invited over 60public and student’s libraries in Belgrade and all around Serbia to join the Campaign, bearing in mind one of the main roles of each library, which is to provide information and support for learning and education where they exist and to contribute to raising awareness of the broader public about violence against women as a serious social problem.

Beside the flyers, we send them two books that Reconstruction Women’s Fund published last year: book Becoming Woman, author Adriana Zaharijevic, that seeks to explore two substantial points: modes, strategies and resistances to the sedimentation we name “woman”/”man”; and the fact that the injunction to speak and think in the name of a singular identity – be it even the historically marginalized identity of woman – necessarily entails exclusions and hierarchies and the book Violence against women in intimate partners relationship: Model of coordinated community response, author Tanja Ignjatovic The book on violence against women written within the political context of Serbia is a book which clears the area theorethically and establishes a methodology for evaluation/selfassessment and monitoring. There is a part of one letter we received from library in Pozarevac:

“We’ve got the book today and flyers that you sent to us. Be sure that the flyers will be forwarded to our readers and the books as soon as processed and placed in our fund. We wish there is no need to protect women and their rights, but since there is a serious problem, it is so important that there are organizations like yours that seek to improve the situation and protect women’s rights. Sincerely, Danica Otasevic”

We continued cooperation with over 15 high schools in Serbia, started last year. From the institutions we included in this year Campaign we would like to mention Office of Ombudsperson, Republic Institute for Social Protection, Office of the Commissioner for Gender Equality.

To mark the start of the 16 Days of Activism Against Violence against Women Campaign in Serbia, Autonomous Women’s Center (Belgrade), Reconstruction Women’s Fund (Belgrade), Art activist group ACT Women (Belgrade) and the Network of Women Against Violence (Serbia) organized the press conference on 25th of November, on The International Day Against Violence Against Women, at the Media Center.


RWF and ACT Women invited artist Deborah Hunt, , maskmaker and performer since 1990 residing in Puerto Rico, founder and artistice director of MASKHUNT Inc, theatre of the futile – to cooperate with ACT Women in designing the performance TIRED!

Socially engaged performance on psychological violence and abuse of women, directed by Dijana Milosevic and performed in the streets. Performance is showing women’s trans-generational transfer of obligations and expectations producing tiredness.

Debora’s work with ACT women made strong impact on the team and her admiration of their work was equal. They got important skills as well as a new artistic prospective. The16 Days performance was powerful. The potential of the group and of the investment in feminist activism grew and new opportunities have been envisaged.


Traveling of the performance in Serbia:

  • 26.11, 10 a.m.  Vranje, SOS Vranje;
  • 26.11, 1 p.m.  Leskovac, Women for Peace;
  • 26.11. 3 p.m.  Niš, Roma women SOS Telephone “Osvit”;
  •  27.11, 0.30 p.m.  Vršac;
  • 27.11. 3 p.m, Kikinda;
  • 02.12. 2p.m, Šid;
  • 03.12. 1.p.m. Lazarevac

Actresses: Ana Imširović-Đorđević, Vesna Bujošević, Zorica Nikolić, Slađana Rackov. Inspired by text of Jelene Andjelovski. Technician: Neven Bujošević. Photography: Biljana Rakočević. Video: Aleksandra Nestorov. Organization: Zoe Gudović


National media coverage was good, informing about the campaign and announcing the performance.

Local media reported about the local campaigns and guest performance.



Happy New Year!