Feminist Cros(s)!


Cultural center REX ( rex.b92.net)  is a place for contemporary, socially engaged art and analytical cultural practice. The mutual aim of projects is to educate and empower individuals and groups to articulate and put into the practice their ideas, to develop an understanding of social relations and use their knowledge and skills in a creative way.

BeFem ( befem.org) a festival of feministic culture and action, wants to promote ideas and politics of feminism and to encourage young women to get involved and contribute in re/constructing reality. The festival is a continuation of what the feminist movement has been doing so far and at the same time it is opening new fields of action through dialogue and initiatives with feminists with different background.

Reconstruction Women’s Fund (rwfund.org )  is the first local women’s foundation in Serbia. Through her programs, she supports activities focused on full realization of women’s human rights, academic exchange, pacifist/antimilitaristic engagement, cooperation and solidarity.


Learning Bridges

Adriana Zaharijević: “Becoming Woman”