Learning Bridges

A common learning initiative between the Reconstruction Women’s Fundthe Slovak-Czech Women’s Fund and the Women’s Fund in Georgia.


Funded by: Global Fund for Women, Mama Cash, filia.-die frauenstiftung

Timeframe: January 2008 – June 2010
  • The aim of the project was to develop a model of mutual learning for the feminist philanthropic actors rooted in respect, trust, transparency, and feminist approaches through site visits and extended exchange of experience and knowledge for self-improvement, lifelong learning and empowering the work of women’s movements in the countries they operate in.
  • “Learning Bridges” is a cross-regional project which was developed in partnership with three women’s Funds active in four countries – the Reconstruction Women’s Fund (Serbia), the Slovak-Czech Women’s Fund, and the Women’s Fund in Georgia, and can be applied to other women’s funds in other countries and regions.
  • Each fund that participated in the project has different experiences and knowledge which they contributed to the project through extended relationships and decisive trends of cooperation within these funds. Two members from each fund were involved in the project and were given the opportunity to meet other grantees/partners, allies, and consultants,; to discuss, communicate, find and build new useful links. The goals of our exchanges were specific and two-fold: we shared what we consider to be our most developed structures and practices, and we sought solutions to some of our most pressing practical challenges by learning from what others have done to address similar problems.

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