16 Days in Serbia Campaign 2008

The campaign was based on 60th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. From that starting point we reminded the public on the comprehensive platform of feminists in Serbia which was defined and practiced since early nineties: against the war, nationalism, racism, all kinds of discrimination and violence against women.

The strategy of cumulative growing of an activity was behind 16 Days Campaign. Now the performance have been filmed, edited, screened to international public and used by the local groups in the next cycle of the campaign in the places where it was not performed previously. Hence, instead of annually limited 10 towns + Belgrade, performance became part of the campaign to much larger audience and used in different formats (workshops, panels, public screening, media etc.) The system of responsibility and commitment allowed us to skip the risk of wandering of the campaign and/or of occasional interruptions (take over and leave) of donors, institutions and international organizations. The campaign also kept its civic and grass-root profile, which is important as a political message as well.

The material offered:

– Leaflets (number increased from 50,000 in previous years to 70,000 in 2008), quoting articles from UDHR relevant for violence, derived from basic rights – to send the message that the rights belong to ALL, to all women and that these are the obligations of ALL, and of all institutions to protect them.

– Video film – 14 minutes – edited from the 2007 traveling performance – which combined sequences from their journey, reconstructing the whole play and all the sites and different audiences.

– Video – 40 minutes – performance of Dah Teatar created for Belgrade (first) promotion on February 26th, 2008 of the book “Women’s Side of War” published by Women in Black.

– Traveling performance 2008 “I can’t leave because…” – live – hosted in: Belgrade, Velika Plana, Smederevo, Pozarevac (in women’s prison), Vlasotince, Nis (center of the city, hosted by Roma women’s group), Novi Becej (in front of the Municipal house, hosted by Roma women’s group), Novi Sad, Pančevo (in Roma settlement), Loznica, Krusevac.

Local media reported on the campaigns (newspapers, radio, TV, news, interviews). For example press in Valjevo reported from the political concept as stated in the invitation to the groups (anti-war; human security).

National news agency Tanjug reported from the event organized on December 4, within 16 Days Campaign, where the documentary on the last year performance was shown as well as retrospective of the previous campaigns. The event called out a high interest especially among young people. Below is the link to the article published by Tanjug.


National daily newspaper Danas reported on the 16 Days Campaign and the performance in Belgrade.


Representatives of Women at Work and Autonomous Women’s Center, our partner organizations in Campaign, were the guests in TV program called “Uvecanje” on B92 in prime time, on December 25, starting day of the Campaign.

Representative of Reconstruction Women’s Fund was a guest in a 50 – minutes long radio program on national Radio Belgrade II, talking about Campaign and violence against women issue.


16 Days in Serbia Campaign 2007

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