Mirror 2014 – program of support to young women’s activism


Mirror – Program of Support of Young Women’s Activism

Approved – April 2014.

Number of grants: 16

1. Indigo, Niš
  • RSD: 120,500.00
  • Project Title : Step In – Step Out
  • About : Girls and young women from the settlement Crvena Zvezda  and other parts of Nis, especially   Roma , will be able to work on developing their talents , gain  or revive some new skills , meet peers who have a different life experience (in cooperation with the organization Terra del Fuoco from Turin,  Summer camp will be organized in Niš ) and learn from each other, raise the self- awareness on their rights , together with a general increase of self-confidence
2. Feronia , Bezdan
  • RSD:  150,000.00
  • Project Title : Summer Feminist Meeting of Young  Women from Rural Areas
  • About : Gathering and connecting young rural activists (and those who are not activists , but would like to become active in their local communities ) from the region of Vojvodina , who will, during the three days of lectures and workshops, study together and talk about women’s rights , feminism , the position of young women in rural areas and methods of activist and economic association
3. Ipak. Center, Belgrade
  • RSD:  100,000.00
  • Project Title : Portrait of  an Activist is Her Mirror
  • About: The main idea is to transform the public space of Belgrade and to enrich it with images of women that have contributed to the diversity of cultural and artistic sphere ,  to women’s empowerment and independence , the political struggle for women’s human rights and to the reflection of a women in the world . At Belgrade’s facades, mirrors that have an outline of the activists , philosophers , feminists , scientists and / or artists will be placed, with a quote from one of their statements , verses , which brings a message  of questioning  the women’s  position in society
4. Kolaz Collective, Belgrade
  • RSD: 102,500.00
  • Project Title: Papergirl Belgrade
  • About : ” Papergirl Belgrade ” is a dynamic action that will  connect art and the public in unusual way , present and promote young artists  and the creativity . This is a project that promotes art and took  it out from museums and galleries to the streets, to the people who do not have patience, or time for the art or are not able to reach it , who may never have had the opportunity to visit any gallery or perhaps never possessed an artwork . The project consists of an open call for papers , exhibition , workshops and distribution of artwork, submitted by the authors from all over the country. The papers will be rolled up into scrolls, and, on bicycles, delivered to the passers
5. Ama – Center for Human’s and Nature’s Care , Slanci
  • RSD: 68,500.00
  • Project Title : Women for Sustainable  and Solidar Agriculture
  • About : Empowering women living in the village Slanci, who are engaged in agriculture. Development potential of agriculture in Slanci is in turning to organic and other alternatives to traditional , intensive agriculture and association of producers. This project wants to put the focus on women , particularly young women from Slanci and highlight their important role in this process of diversification and transition from intensive and competitive  to sustainable and solidar agricultural work . Project participants will go through a series of workshops , discussions and film screenings in order to be motivated and networked with the aim to get their share of the local agriculture and to increase the use of their resources for their own welfare , the welfare of their families and the entire community and nature in this village
6. Informal Group Rebel Readers , Belgrade
  • RSD: 106,000.00
  • Project Title : Bookvica – Portal for Feminist , Queer and Crypto Reading (of  Literature )
  • About : Web platform ” Bookvica ”  is focused concept and designed  virtual space , which should give a chance to the young authors from all over Serbia and the region  to publish an alternative and subversive readings of literary criticism and artistic texts and translations of contemporary texts from feminist / queer / crypto / disability theory . This content has great potential to transform the normative opinions within particular social groups , but also the general public. The structure of the portal reflects the different groups that will participate in the creation of content, but also the different channels through which they want to work
7. Association  Dea Dia , Kovačica
  • RSD: 90,000.00
  • Project Title : Workshop on Gender Education for Children and Young People from the Countryside
  • About : Empowering children and young people from rural areas to respect women’s rights , to learn about gender stereotypes and discrimination , to develop critical thinking
8. Center for Margin , Belgrade
  • RSD:  70,000.00
  • Project Title : My Voice is Online
  • About : Empowering girls in the field of Internet security , in comparison to many on-line threats and the consequences of it. Educating how to deal with threats on the psychological level , and how to protect against them on a technical level, to be able to use internet in advanced way in order to engage in cyber activism
9. Informal group Little Prince , Crepaja
  • RSD: 29,500.00
  • Project Title : Diversity Connect Us
  • About : A series of workshops dealing with the concept of tolerance , mutual understanding , empathy, and encourage such traits in children and adults , which is trying to reduce hostility between different nationalities . Crepaja , and the whole municipality is characterized by a large number of different nationalities who come into contact every day . The aim is to develop and maintain good neighbor and good human relations. The project is primarily focused on students of secondary and primary schools, because they come in daily contact with peers of various nationalities, have motivation, willingness and desire to learn new things about themselves and about others, and may directly affect their parents and grandparents
10. Informal group of Young Activists SOS Vlasotince
  • RSD: 94,000.00
  • Project Title : Independent – FREE
  • About : Empowering young  Roma women to become recognizable advocates of equality and non-discrimination. It brings together volunteers of Roma and non-Roma origins to work together on educational workshops, visits to Roma settlement and talk about the problems of young Roma and non- Roma women.
11. Informal group Peripherals for Culture,  Belgrade
  • RSD: 75,200.00
  • Project Title : Radio show:  Sound Ethnography
  • About : Broadcasting of a monthly radio shows in order to create an independent media space where to connect feminist and anthropological theory , practice and promotion of the diversity of women’s activities in Serbia. Will be focused on the cultural aspects of women’s experiences in everyday life and different social and cultural phenomena ( anthropology of consumption and the status of women , the body and identity , the relationship between ethnic and gender , etc. )
12. Informal Group Roma to Roma Women , Novi Becej
  • RSD:  50,000.00
  • Project Title : Education of Roma Women on Healthy Lifestyles
  • About : Enhancing the role of young women in the promotion and protection of sexual and reproductive health and rights of the Roma community , increase awareness and understanding of the core areas of health prevention and care among young Roma women in Novi Becej.
13.  Informal group Afemme,  Niš 
  • RSD: 85,000.00
  • Project Title : I have the Right to be Proud
  • About : The project includes the gathering  and two workshops for LBT girls / young women of different sexual orientations , in Southern Serbia . The goal is to empower young lesbians and women of different sexual orientations
14.  Youth Forum for Gender Equality , Belgrade
  • RSD:  81,000.00
  • Project Title : And My Voice Against Sexual Violence
  • About : Includes a campaign to raise awareness and prevention of sexual violence , condemn this criminal  act and educate young people about rape and sexual assault by using forum theater technique that gives opportunity to learn about this topic at the experiential level and in easy understandable way. The idea is to focus on rape from the perspective of everyday life and the potentially  everyone’s experience , with a clear stand  that this act is illegal and multiply harmful to the individuals and society as a whole.
15. International Centre for Civil Society, Belgrade
  • RSD: 46,000.00
  • Project Title : Enjoy the Sun , Protect  the Skin
  • About: Raising awareness on the dangers from exposure to sunlight and artificial radiation , as well as the importance of prevention and early detection of skin cancer . The project will include activists talking with passers and distribute them promotional materials, that sends a clear message about the devastating statistics and the dangers of neglecting the harmful effects of UV radiation . Activists will work on Belgrade’s lake Ada Ciganlija and several city beaches and pools
16. Informal group WALL Kragujevac
  • RSD 80,000.00
  • Project Title : PASTEupFEST
  • About : ” Paste Up ” is a technique that involves making of paper labels in various formats, either manually or digitally, which becomes part of the “street art ” when applied to a selected public area , with direct but a short-term  communication with passers by, who by their accidental presence in a particular place become an artwork recipients. The advantage of this type of “street art ” is that the author may not be present, but can send the work to be displayed / applied to the wall .” PASTEupFEST ” is conceived as a two-day event of regional scope, with the aim to promote this form of visual expression of young people, especially those who are willing to express a critical opinion about the environment and conditions in which they live (that  are different from those promoted by government propaganda and media) . The very theme of the festival is related to inheritance of 90s in terms of social and economic problems, the questionable quality of education, lack of employment opportunities, construction of stereotypes and prejudice based on the experiences of others, etc.  involving the experiences of everyday life of young people living in the Balkans during the period of transition.