Rapid Response Grants – Urgent Action Fund

Approved – March 2013.

Number of grants: 2

1.SOS Hotline for women and children victims of Violence, Vlasotince

  • RSD: 144.000,00
  • Project: The group from Vlasotince is a bold group, open with their politics against war and nationalism, for confronting the past and accepting responsibility for war crimes. They also work with women victims of violence, with Roma women and a lot on political education of youth. In last two years there were three attacks on the group leader; the recent one was in February, when fire was set on her terrace, damaging her flat and installations. The police explanation was that the fire probably started from someone’s cigarette, but the neighbor who stayed anonymous witnessed a torch launched from the entrance.

2. Women’s group SOS telephone within Committee for Human Rights,  Vranje

  • RSD: 150.000,00
  • Project: SOS engaged in the case of the village girl who runs away from her family home where she had been detained for seven years as punishment for breaking traditional taboo.  They exposed themselves to a serial of confrontations and exposed themselves to a serial of confrontations including institutions and individual social service providers. The group already had experience of attacks in their previous office, so they planned how to secure their current space.