March 8 Call 2011

The following actions and groups were supported as the result of this Call:

  1. Sandglass, Krusevac– street action called “Don’t Stir Up (violence, discrimination, racism, social injustice…)” , amount: 60.000 RSD
  2. Roma Strength, Ilandza– public discussion about importance of education and additional education for Roma women, amount: 20.000 RSD
  3. Women for Peace, Leskovac– street action with leaflets and power point presentation about historically important women from Leskovac, amount: 26.500 RSD
  4. Women for Peace on behalf of several organizations from South Serbia– renting a bus for transport of 50 activists from South Serbia (Nis, Vlasotince, Leskovac, Dimitrovgrad, Pirot..) for peace marsh in Belgrade, amount: 58.600 RSD
  5. Roma Children’s Center, Belgrade– workshop about importance of 8thof March and women’s rights, and celebration in Roma settlment Suma in Cukaricka padina, amount: 5.800 RSD
  6. LewHORe, Lesbian-feminist choir from Belgrade– travel costs for going to famous feminist festival Rdece zore in Ljubljana honoring 8thof March, amount: 66.300 RSD
  7. Human Rights Committee, Vranje– SOS performance and street action, media conference, amount: 30.700 RSD
  8. Fenomena, Kraljevo– street action, distributing paper bags with symbol of 8thof March and stressing women working rights, which includes high school students from two organizations in Kraljevo, who promote anti-fascistic ideas, amount: 35.000 RSD
  9. SOS Women’s Center, Novi Sad– street performance radio show live, distributing promo material with SOS number and words of encourage (pocket calendars, cleaning wipes for sun glasses), amount: 46,000 RSD
  10. Young Roma, Bogojevo– public presentation of documentary film “One working day of successful working Roma woman” and following conversation for Roma from Odzaci municipality, amount: 20.000 RSD
  11. Alternative Circle, Kragujevac– exhibition of 9 women artists from Kragujevac, theme is 8th of March, and it lasts 15 days, and presentation of film about influence of transition on women’s lives in Serbia, amount: 30.000 RSD
  12. Women’s Action of Pozega– field trip to Sarajevo, amount: 20.500 RSD
  13. Osvit, Nis– public discussion in Nis’ media centre about Roma women position in Nis with representatives from Nis’ institutions, amount: 30.400 RSD
  14. SOS, Vlasotince– performance by young peer educators stressing women’s working rights, having for example experiences of women working in textile factory “Vlasinka”, amount: 73.000 RSD
  15. Women’s Center, Uzice– exhibition of art made of recycled textile, as a result of project (gathering and recycling textile) in cooperation with Art school and Textile high school in Uzice, and public discussion about “ Uzice Women’s Associations (podruzina) 1878-1941” with the initiative for naming two streets in town after this women’s groups from Uzice, amount: 25.400 RSD
  16. Roma Women’s Network of Banat, (Pancevo, Novi Becej, Zrenjanin)– joint celebration of 8th of March and symbolic work meeting about future activities, amount: 50.000 RSD
  17. Cultural Center REX, team of Free Zone– Women’s film marathon (3 films by 3 famous female authors) : “Divorce in Iran way”, “Made in India”, “Orgasm inc.”. These films are presented on 8th of March, 17h-21h, amount: 65.000 RSD
  18. DAE, Belgrade– meeting and socializing, activists from Roma women network Serbia and SOS Dae from Belgrade and their joint walk to peace marsh on 8th March, amount: 23.000 RSD


  • Only women’s non-governmental organizations and initiatives could apply for the Call
  • Reconstruction Women’s fund supported not only local actions organized by women’s groups, but also coming at local actions and gatherings of participants from other cities and municipalities
  • Total budget granted from UNIFEM was 10.000 USD, therefore costs for local actions couldn’t be high
  • Having in mind that budget vas very limited, in case we got more proposals of local actions than we could financially support, the advantage had the groups that are having financial and organizational difficulties due to undeveloped society in which they work and live, or they are discriminated based on the content of their work


  • Groups were sending their proposals of planned local actions, written on memorandum, with as much as possible details considering actions and budget 
  • Proposals were sent to e-mail of Reconstruction Women’s fund–
  • The Call ended on 10thof February 2011.
  • Selection team decided which proposals will be supported by 15thof February, and sent notifications to the groups about outcome of the Call and contracts to ones which are selected for support
  • Deadline for reports is 8thof April, and it should have all the details considering actions and finances, also copies of all granted costs

This Call was sent trough all existing women’s mailing lists (like Women against violence, Women, Poverty, Development, etc.) and all the networks and groups we worked with.