Program area: Stipends Žarana Papić

Stipends approved – June 2010.

Number of stipends: 5 

1. Stipendist: Jelena Jovanovic

  • Amount: 45.000,00 din.
  • Stipend for: research on teaching of Roma language with elements of national culture in the elementary schools in Vojvodina and how the teaching is conducted from the perspective of gender equality of Roma girls (analysis of the curriculum, literature, textbooks, reading materials, teaching staff competencies, implementation of teaching from the perspective of gender)

 2. Stipendist: Gordana Subotic

  • Amount: 98.000,00 din.
  • Stipend for: cover the cost of tuition for the master program of the Regional U.S. Studies (modern theories of international relations and security), Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade

3. Stipendist: Vedrana Lacmanović

  • Amount: 73.500.00 din.
  • Stipend for: covering the cost of tuition for the Master of Social Policy Studies, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade

4. Stipendist: Visnja Vujin

  • Amount: 20.000,00 din.
  • Stipend for: traveling expenses to participate in the course on Critical Feminist Analysis: Witnessing the Past, Remembering the Future, Inter University Center, Dubrovnik

 5. StipendistSnežana Otašević
     Amount: 175.000,00 din.
     Stipend forpart of the costs of participation in PhD program on Department of Womens and Gender Studies, Rutgers University, New Jersey