Rapid Response Grants – Urgent Action Fund

Approved – June 2010.

Number of grants: 1

1.      Roma Association Danica, Pancevo
  • RSD: 29.000,00
  • Name of the project: In Solidarity with Roma people in village Jabuka
  • From June 10, 2010, the threats to the lives of Roma women and Roma men in the village Jabuka, near Pancevo started, in retaliation for the Roma population on the occasion of the murder of a young non Roma man performed by his Roma peer. The protests held by the part of non-Roma villagers of Jabuka, were expressing serious forms of racism, as well as endangering the physical safety of Roma men and women. This eruption of violence and the spread of racial hatred against Roma were lasted uninterrupted for two days. Only the third day there was a reaction of state bodies, municipality and police.
  • The murder was followed with stoning all Roma families who even after six days were afraid to leave their houses, without food and water, children were not going to school, they were guarded by the police, their rights were endangered, their lives put in risk. Racism and nationalism, violence and fascism has resurfaced and won basic rights of these people. Through this joint action with the Women in Black, Women Against Violence Network, Roma coordinator and the members of Roma Women Network of Banat, Association Danica wanted to help 106 families in this village who were living like a hostages. It was important for them to see that they are not alone, and for the public to understand that the acts of racism and violence can’t pass without reaction and punishment. It’s important to emphasize that this was not the only case of sort of lynching against Roma people. The whole year was full of forced evictions of Roma people from their homes.
  • After such an experience of complete insecurity, the fear that even more violence can happen and mistrust of Roma people in the institutions is completely justified and understandable.
  • As a follow up, Association Danica in the name of solidar support to Roma women in this village, started with the workshops on the issues of violence, racism, human rights, freedom of movement, etc.