Rapid Response Grants – Urgent Action Fund

Approved – April 2010.

Number of grants: 1

1.      Roma Researchers, Žabalj
  • RSD: 150.000,00 + 15.000,00 (annex)
  • Name of the project: Come Out and Vote
  • Activists of Roma Women’s Network in Vojvodina have actively participated in the process of registration of Roma women and men in the special electoral roll for the National Council of Roma elections. During these activities, when they saw the real situation, they came to the conclusion that it would be important to organize the workshops in 20 municipalities in Vojvodina – 13 municipalities from where the activists of the Network are and have the good connections with the local Roma people and 7 municipalities where Roma women and men are not yet registered in the special electoral roll, but they could be a potential voters in quite high number.
  • Workshops were held in Roma settlements and attended by women from those settlements. The reason why the women were priority is manifold: as Roma women are significant electorate, often neglected and insufficiently informed about the importance of the National Council, usually they are voting as someone else is suggesting. That’s why it was important to talk with them about the jurisdiction of the National Council, the importance of their participation in elections, in order to support women who were candidates for National Council of Roma and to understand what benefits it can bring – better position of Roma women in the area of education, informing, culture.
  • After the workshops, activists stayed in contact with women as secure voters who would support them in the potential list / lists.
  • Registration in the special electoral roll was of the high importance, because for the first time, Roma people were elected for the National Council by direct elections.
In 80% of the municipalities where the workshops were held, large coming out of Roma women in the elections is recorded.The list “Roma Voice for Europe” led by a women, won a seat in the National Council of Roma.