Rapid Response Grants – Urgent Action Fund

Approved – November 2009.

Number of grants: 3

1. Human Rights Committee, Vranje

  • RSD: 150.000,00
  • Name of the project:  Importance of local network for eradication of gender based violence
  • Project goal: Vranje is one of the cities where, in the very short period, several women were brutally murdered as a result of years of domestic violence and inadequate response of local institutions. For this reason it is necessary to urgently establish a network of local institutions for the protection of women who survived violence (the first of its kind in this part of Serbia, Pcinj district) and organize expert seminars for civil society organizations and representatives of local institutions who are responsible for the prevention and resolution of gender-based violence from Vranje, Trgoviste, Presevo and Bujanovac.

2.  Activist Dragica Golubović, Urgent and Solidar support for medical treatment

  • RSD: 30.000,00 

 3. Fund B92

  • RSD: 78.590,00
  • Name of the project: Film festival  Free Zone
  • Project goal: Free Zone is a festival that for 5 years is working on the popularization of human rights issues, a comprehensively (women’s human rights, racial, ethnic, sexual, class and other minorities, freedom of speech, tolerance, democracy). This year the Festival has unpredictably, and with the justification of the global economic crisis, received 4 times less funds from the Ministry of Culture. The most recent events in Serbia (prohibition of Gay Pride, brutal murder of French citizen) clearly showed that society in Serbia is far from understands the concept of human rights and respect them, and that state authorities in such situations do not respond adequately. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve continuity in promoting human rights and diversity, which festival Free Zone has as its main focus.
  • Reconstruction Women’s Fund supported the rights to show films at the festival