“16 days in Serbia” Campaign Call 2009

Campaign “16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women” 2009


  • The call was open exclusively to WOMEN’S NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS; Just like each year, the campaign’s essence remained based on volunteering, hence the expenses that couldn’t be covered within this call were the EXPENSES OF FEES FOR THE ACTIVISTS taking part in the local actions;
  • The campaign’s thematic framework was MURDERED WOMEN (FEMICIDE), but this wasn’t a restriction regarding local actions, the groups were autonomously deciding on themes and violence manifestations that matter to them (ant their local environment) the most and the ones they want to deal with through the campaign; 
  • THE OVERALL BUDGET for this open call was USD 5.000 (support from Unifem), so the expenses of local actions couldn’t be high; 
  • Minding the modest budget, the agreement implied that if we receive more applications for local actions than we can support, IN SOLIDARITY, the advantage was given to the groups lacking financial and organizational capabilities because of the underdevelopment of the environments in which they work and live or because of discrimination based on content they work on; 
  • The traveling feminist performance and accompanying program were hosted in Vranje, Niš, Knjaževac, Belgrade and Novi Sad, so the advantage regarding the open call was given to the groups from places to which the performance hasn’t


  • On memos, the groups were sending the suggestions of local actions they are planning, with as detailed descriptions of the activities as possible and a detailed budget; 
  • The groups were sending the suggestions of local actions to Reconstruction Women’s Fund’s email, office@rwfund.org;
  • The suggestions were accepted until 10th November
  • The selection committee was deciding on supporting the suggestions of local actions until 15th November, and right after that, the groups were informed about the results of the open call, as well as contracts if their suggestion was supported. 

Through this open call, we have supported the following groups:

  • Fenomena, Kraljevo, 30.000 RSD
  • Alternative Circle, Kragujevac, 13.400 RSD
  • Hera, Bačka Topola, 16.000 RSD
  • Human Rights Committee, Majdanpek, 30.000 RSD
  • Impuls, Tutin, 30.000 RSD
  • Roma Association Danica, Pančevo, 25.950 RSD
  • Sandglass, Kruševac, 14.900 RSD
  • Rromnjako Ilo, Zrenjanin, 30.000 RSD
  • Women’s Centre Užice, 30.000 RSD
  • Roma Association, Novi Bečej, 30.000 RSD
  • SOS Vlasotince, 30.000 RSD