Rapid Response Grants – Urgent Action Fund

Approved – October 2007.

Number of grants: 1

 1. “Out of Circle – Vojvodina”, Organization for Protection and Support to People with Disabilities with Experience of Violence and Discrimination , Novi Sad

  • RSD: 130.000,00
  • Name of the project: Campaign “Recognize the violence!”
  • Project goal: Women with disabilities are exposed to higher risk from violence, but there is not enough recognition, visibility and reaction in the situation of violence against them. SOS services in Vojvodina don’t have enough developed capacities for support to women with disabilities – it’s only phone-based work which is inappropriate to women with hearing challenge or their premises are inaccessible to women who are using wheelchairs and mediation between women with disabilities and institutions is not organized. Women with disabilities who are victims of violence very often don’t recognize the violence or don’t address any institution responsible to react on this problem, eitherbecause they don’t have any information about their rights in the situation of violence or they don’t trust authorized institution. Also, there is no systematic record and tracking of the violence against people with disabilities, especially women and children.
  • Organization Out of Circle-Vojvodina wants to react, in the situation of increased overall violence and extremism in Vojvodina, to specially address the violence and discrimination against women with disabilities and to organize campaign “Recognize the violence!”, to raise the awareness and knowledge among citizens of Vojvodina, to empower women with disabilities to recognize and react in situation of violence, to engage media around this issue and to address relevant institution about this important social problem. They printed the Campaigns’ leaflets and started with their distribution all around Vojvodina to relevant institutions, media, to organizations of people with disabilities and human rights organizations. Through establishing this communication they want to make systematic support to women with disabilities, victims of violence possible. Follow up of this project in 2008 will be initiating of first SOS phone in Vojvodina for women and children with disabilities who are victims of violence. Informing the public about violence against people with disabilities as well as establishing connection and cooperation with relevant institutions through this Campaign, are important preconditions for future work of this SOS service.