Rapid Response Grants – Urgent Action Fund

Approved – November 2007.

Number of grants: 1

1. Queeria – Center for Promotion the Culture of Non-violence and Equality, Belgrade

  • RSD: 33.512,00
  • Name of the project: November 9 – International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism
  • Project goal: The group of right-wing, of neo-nacist and clero-fascist orientation from Serbia and Vojvodina announced a march through Novi Sad for October 7 as a celebration of Himmler’s birthday, commander of Nazi SS groups and founder of the Nazi concentration camps. Officially, this march was forbidden by the police. The fascist groups insisted on informal meeting. To make a clear statement, political parties of progressive orientation, human rights NGOs, informal groups as well as numerous citizens organized anti-fascistic march which ended, except from some sporadic incidents, relatively peaceful. (It stays unclear how at the end these groups succeeded to gather in one military object in Novi Sad and attacked the antifascists.) After these events, big public discussion started around fascism and its content. From one side nationalistic and right-wing political options, but from the other side so called democratic current in Parliament, started to diminish the politics and consequences of fascism which only made total public confusion. In a country like Serbia, which is in process of transition and has a problem with dealing with its own past and which has very strong nationalistic aspirations, it is crucial for government and all its institutions to take clear and strong position against fascism and its common tendencies. This kind of relativization only takes to serious violation of human rights, especially women’s human rights, minority rights and rights of other marginalized groups. Since the Government didn’t take the clear position against fascism, Queeria, as a part of active civil society in Serbia, decided to organize activities (printing and distribution of booklets, leaflets, postcards and stickers) on International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism, that stressed the importance of opposing fascism in Serbia and importance of improving the women’s human rights and rights of other marginalized groups, as a usual targets of fascistic organizations. Queeria wants this action to become linkage initiative among certain number of civil society groups that are taking non-compromising position against fascism. It’s important to make existent network of anti-fascistic organizations even stronger, but also to open the space for new similar groups to join in.