Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved – December 2006. 
Number of grants:

1. Roma Women Association “Osvit”, Nis 

  • CSD: 249.000,00
  • Name of the project: SOS hotline for Roma women and children victims of violence – continuation
  • Project goal: Connection between victims of violence and institutions which are able to help in case of domestic violence, support and empowerment of victims of violence. For Roma women who are not speaking Serbian language and traditionally are silent about domestic violence, this is the chance to speak openly about their problems on mother tongue.

2. NGO “Women in Action”, Velika Plana

  • CSD: 105.300,00
  • Name of the project: SOS hotline for women and children victims of violence in Velika Plana – continuation
  • Project goal: Continuation of SOS hotline work which is one of the most important way of engagement against gender based violence in Velika Plana.

3. NLO – Lesbian organization of Novi Sad

  • CSD: 241.000,00
  • Name of the project: “The Tangled Web” – Cultural program of NLO
  • Project goal: Creating of educational, informative and relaxing program which gathers lesbians and other women and represent some kind of their integration as well as integration of NLO Cultural program in cultural city happenings. Activities within “The Tangled Web” are: evenings with different poets and young and unknown female writers, showing of engaged and experimental films and presentation of unknown female video artists, cycle of different discussions (one of the proposed subject is “Women Artists in 20 th century).

4. SOS for Women and Children Victims of Violence, Vlasotince

  • CSD: 2 50.000,00
  • Name of the project: “Help yourself – teach the others”
  • Project goal: Peer learning about International Acts of civil and human rights; women’s rights in political and social life; overcoming of patriarchal influences on women’s rights fulfillment; strengthening of peer’s self-confidence, etc.

Association for Economic Empowerment of Women within collective farm, Stari Banovci

  • CSD: 232.401,60
  • Name of the project : “Cleaning service”
  • Project goal: Economic empowerment, employment and independency of women victims of domestic violence.