Program area: Stipends Žarana Papić

Stipends approved – May 2006.

Number of stipends: 3 

1. Stipend to : Ana Bukvic, Ksenija Perisic and Jelena Savic

  • Amount : 40.200,00 CSD
  • Stipend for: covering the travel costs, visa and health insurance costs for participation of fellows in the program of Women’s Center for Mental Health from Trieste, with long history of democratic psychiatry practice and care of women.

2. Stipend to : Mina Karadzic

  • Amount: 20.060,00 CSD
  • Stipend for: Art exhibition“Women’s motion” – to show, through 28 art pictures, that the human feelings are the same no matter nationality, race or sex/gender. The pictures are presenting the woman through her moves/motion and that’s the way how she communicates with spectators and trying to induce in them, the feeling of compassion, as the one of the basic human virtues.

3. Stipend to : Dubravka Djuric

  • Amount: 57.692,00 CSD
  • Stipend for : Costs of Phd dissertation “Modern and post-modern American female poets”