Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved – July 2004. 
Number of grants: 

1. “Women’s Center Užice”, Užice

  • CSD: 250.000,00
  • Name of the project: “For Us, For the Others” (five steps to business, six steps to cooperatives)
  • Project goal : To train 80 unemployed women from Uzice, who are on labor market, to start their own business either as entrepreneurs or as cooperative founders. Seminars come from the program “Five steps to business plan”.

2. Association of women and mothers “ANNA”, Novi Pazar

  • CSD: 244.740,00
  • Name of the project : Health education and prevention for women in rural areas.
  • Project goal : To give more information to women in rural areas of Novi Pazar community about women’s health and to make them aware of the need for more frequent gynecological check-ups.

3. ”Out of Circle”- organization for support to women, children and families of disabled persons who survived violence, discrimination and isolation, Belgrade

  • CSD: 199.438,00
  • Name of the project : Adaptation of the office space
  • Project goal : Renovation of the office which is ruined, without electricity, water and sewerage system. Organization got the office from Public enterprise “Business space Vracar”.
  • Other donors are Construction firm “Kolubara” which made a general project and Main office for City construction lot.

4. Roma women’s center “Bibija”, Belgrade

  • CSD: 239.040,00
  • Name of the project : Institutional support to Roma women’s center “Bibija”
  • Project goal : To make violence against Roma women and children visible, to give them support through psychosocial workshops, to make discrimination against Roma women public, to provide help for economic independence, to promote the need for education and encourage the improvement of Roma women’s status in family and society.

5. “Incest Trauma Center”, Belgrade

  • CSD: 249.500,00
  • Name of the project : Opening of the first 24-hours phone service in Serbia for children and adults, victims of sexual abuse
  • Project goal : Traumatic experiences are round the clock phenomena and the victims of violence need available and adequate help for 24-hours. By establishing the service ITC aims at encouraging reporting of sexual abuse and to give prompt and coordinated assistance.

6. “Women’s center Leskovac”, Leskovac

  • CSD: 249.200,00
  • Name of the project : Preparation activities for foundation of SOS telephone
  • Project goal : Education of activists of “Women’s center” and media representatives for work with victims of violence and cooperation with responsible institutions.