Program area: Stipends Žarana Papić

Stipends approved July 2004.

Number of stipends: 3 

1. Stipend to Tatjana Perić

  • Amount : 1200 USD + 21.426,00 CSD
  • Stipend for: participation of Tatjana Peric in three weeks program “Democracy and Diversity Graduate Summer Institute” in Krakow (Poland). This is an interdisciplinary program on key social, political and cultural issues in building democracy and democratization today. One of the courses is on gender theories in culture. This program is equivalent to one semester of postgraduate studies; participants come from US and Eastern Europe.

2. Stipends to Adriana Zaharijević

  • Amount : 832 EUR + 12.330,00 CSD
  • Stipend for: participation of Adriana Zaharijevic in two weeks program of Noise Summer School in Ljubljana (Slovenia) for young gender theorists, with regional and international lecturers and participants.

3. Stipend to Aleksandra Haravan

  • Amount : 1500 USD + 480 EUR
  • Stipend for the first year of regular studies on Faculty for social work in Ljubljana (2004/05) and required course of Slovenian language on Faculty of Philosophy in Ljubljana (Slovenia).
  • Social work area influence life-improvement of vulnerable groups, where women are the most numerous and the most oppressed. A lot can be learned from Slovenian good practices, especially considering the fact that the social work system will be reformed in Serbia. “Men and women in social work” issue could also be useful for women’s activism in Serbia.