“Exchange for a Change” Action – THANK YOU!

exchange change

At the end of 2019, we have organized a two-week holiday action Exchange for a Change, inviting all the interested people to join us as individual donors. To show them our gratitude, we have shared a small token of appreciation with all of them. 25 people took part in this action, with more than 15 of them being our first-time donors, donating 41.600 RSD and 192 Euros.

We are very happy about receiving support from different sides, and the fact that our action engaged our neighbors, friends, colleagues, groups and activists supported in earlier calls, as well as wider community recognizing the importance of investing in women’s groups leading the way in fighting for human rights.

Huge thank you to everyone who has participated!

Why are individual donations important to us?

Individual donations are a flexible source of money and ease the support that we provide to women activists, artists and scholars, especially when it comes to unpredictable situations. Individual donations are also a way of diversifying finances. But above everything, individual donations for us symbolize solidarity with women’s movement, as a reminder that women are not alone in their struggles and a reminder that the community recognizes and supports their efforts towards progressive changes!

You can join us, too!

You can join us anytime you wish to contribute to the empowerment of the women’s movement in Serbia! The amount of donated money is always less important than the support reflected in every donation!




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