Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – February 2020

Number of grants: 13

1. Association of Women Sandglass, Kruševac

  • RSD: 299.000
  • Project title: Supporting Women’s Activism in Rasina County

Supporting the work of Association of Women Sandglass for empowering, self-organizing, connecting and networking of women in Rasina county in the domain of women‘s rights and peace activism, through the contribution to stability and continuity of the organization‘s work.


2. Non-formal group of authors

  • RSD: 300.000
  • Project title: Understanding the Extreme Right in Serbia

The research implies mapping and understanding the extreme right-wing scene in Serbia, their political principles and functioning.


3. Impuls, Tutin 

  • RSD: 300.000
  • Project title: Festival of Women‘s Friendship

Supporting regional festival of women‘s friendship which is being held since 2013 with the idea of connecting and mutual empowering of feminists from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, a place of exchanging experiences emerging from the long-term struggle against violence and discrimination, especially in times of strengthening of fundamentalist tendencies, a place of questioning and rethinking new strategies in combating nationalism, clerofascism, capitalism, racism and homophobia. The festival provides organizations and feminists from small environments with space to be heard, to present their work and connect to women from the region. It is the only regional feminist festival taking place outside the capitals and economical centres, which is essential to feminists and activists living and/or working in such isolated and conservative communities.


4. ACC Heroj Maričić, Kraljevo 

  • RSD: 235.040
  • Project title: Manifesto from Our Backyard

Supporting the activities of the Alternative Cultural Centre Heroj Maričić, a unique and non-formal activist safe space where young people with creative ambition can turn their ideas into a reality; friends from the Roma camp, mainly women and children, have access to the internet and cultural content; those who are exploring the local culture have a place to stay, discuss history, culture and politics of the Balkans, get new insights, and very often new friends as well. Through diverse activities, non-formal gatherings, workshops, preparing vegan food, food distribution, gathering clothes, footwear, school supplies and toys, the centre works on the principles of solidarity, mutual help and support. Manifesto from Our Backyard will include a series of educational activities and alternative content aiming to bring new perspectives and possibilities of responding to stereotypes to the young people, those who are quite often exposed to stereotypical worldviews of the environment.


5.  The Centre for Public History, 

  • RSD: 299.000
  • Project title: HISTORIES OF RESISTANCE – Neda Božinović: Comic Book and Festival of Public History Devoted to Neda Božinović 

Through the comic book Histories of resistance – Neda Božinovićand one-day Festival of Public History which will include an exhibition, presentation of the comic book and public guidance Continuity of Resistance – A Walk through the Feminist History, The Centre for Public History will remind the audience of the continuity of feminist and antifascist struggle in this region in the 20th century. The story about Neda Božinović is an opportunity for reminding ourselves of the history of feminist movement before and during the World War II, the importance of Women‘s Antifascist Front of Yugoslavia, and the range covered in the socialist era when it comes to equality between men and women, as well as the role of the feminist movement in the antiwar resistance in Serbia during the 1990s.


6. Center for Cultural Decontamination

  • RSD: 299.842
  • Project title: In transition: Trans activism and arts in the post-Yugoslav region

RWF supported this project envisioned by a non-formal group to be held within the Center for Cultural Decontamination and it implies organizing a three-day feminist conference gathering 27 authors. It is devoted to the history and politics of transgender activist organizing and trans culture in all the countries of former Yugoslavia. The gathering will be held in Center for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade in May 2020, and the contributions presented at the conference will be published in the proceedings.


7. Association of Roma Women “NADA”, Aleksinac

  • RSD: 267.100
  • Project title: Marriage at Second Sight

This three-month program tends to encourage the social community of Aleksinac to work on the prevention of forced marriages in the Roma community. Forced early marriages are described as criminal act within international and national law regulations but they are rarely a subject of responsible work.

This phase of the program includes organizing interactive creative workshops for Roma girls in collaboration with relevant responsible actors at the local level so the girls would get an insight into their rights, the consequences of forced marriages and protective mechanisms.


8. Independent Film Centre “Filmart”, Požega

  • RSD: 140.000
  • Project title: Stories from Mladost

“Stories from Mladost“ is an artistic and research project implying research of the emancipatory achievements of small communities regarding women‘s labour rights, envisioned as the continuation of working with former women workers of the textile factory “Mladost“ in Požega. The project implies collecting stories from the time when they were working in the factory, as well as stories about their position and status today, and publishing a book with photo portraits of workers and a selection from the photo-archive from the active period of the factory, and public promotion and distribution of the book. Workers‘ stories are the stories of women‘s emancipation, working class, struggle for equality, for women‘s labour rights, stories about building a community.


9. NENA – Informal Group for Peace and Rights of Women, Leskovac

  • RSD: 274.600
  • Project title: Our Labour Rights

The supported project tends to empower and encourage women and men to publicly and without any fear speak out about injustices and discrimination, and create space for witnessing about exploitation in the field of labour, liberation from fear, building mutual support and solidarity for overcoming hopelessness existing due to continuous blackmailing, insecurity and vulnerability regarding labour. The goal is motivating workers to get more engaged in struggles for their labour rights in order to get a better impact on changing the legal framework of labour law.


10. Art Group Hop.La!, Belgrade

  • RSD: 266.250
  • Project title: Opening of the Reading Room“Ekatarina Pavlović”, Markovac

The book fund of the Reading Room “Ekatarina Pavlović“ will be named after the first literate resident of Markovac and it represents the continuation of work on creating a social centre for the village community. The project is focused on children, their teachers, parents and neighbors. Deprived of cultural content, children living in the village are at the higher fanger of non-curated content that they are exposed through the television, internet, market of children‘s products (garments, games and toys reproducing violent daily reality of uniform gender roles). By implementing feminist pedagogy premises, the affirmation of books that offer a gender-balanced view of literature, and introducing literary characters which question patriarchal stereotypes, this project will animate the residents of Markovac, a village with around 3000 people without a library, with reading activities, strengthening their cultural and civic capacities, and gathering them to rethink a more just micro and macro-community.


11. Workers Commune Links, Belgrade

  • RSD: 300.000
  • Project title: KundK (Books & Criticism)

Project K&K is being implemented on the Workers‘ Commune Links‘ website since 2017. The goal is a critical approach to reading books produced in the territory of former Yugoslavia, mainly those that tackle the joint destiny of this region. Also, the project highlights cultural, social and political undergroundexisting outside the mainstreammedia, which is important for understanding contemporary processes. The goal is to build an alternative network for evaluating book production in this region made of young critics and authors. The final outcome of the project would be the affirmation of subjects that are essential to public debate in post-traumatic society, that are, as such, marginalized at the moment.


12. Humanitarian Law Center, Belgrade 

  • RSD: 130.480
  • Project title: ArchiWar – Stories and Memories of Genocide in Srebrenica

This project is envisioned as an artistic and activist process, and it is devoted to noting genocide in Srebrenica and raising awareness about it. It is intended to general audiences, especially young people (age 15 – 35). After the analysis of evidence materials and creating informative illustrations, there will be an exhibition held in Belgrade, as well as its online version.


13. Women Space, Niš

  • RSD: 30.000
  • Project title: Maintainance of the Month of Roma Women‘s Activism Website mrza.info

Supporting the efforts of Roma Women‘s Network in documenting and preserving Roma activist history through their website Month of Roma Women‘s Activism (www.mrza.info). The website works as the database of contents related to the Month of Roma Women‘s Activism and also represents and important resource of organizations and initiatives making the Roma Women‘s Network for documenting activities.