Rapid Response Grants

Approved – October 2020

Number of grants: 2

Group “Nena”, Leskovac

RSD: 149,300

In the situation accompanying the pandemic, numerous generally marginalized groups suffer additional marginalization, which indicates the need of timely reflection of mechanisms of marginalization, discrimination and other forms of endangerment in these specific circumstances. At the same time, the work of feminist groups in smaller towns also faces numerous challenges in general, which is amplified since the pandemic has started. Through this grant, RWFund aims to contribute to the continuity of the group’s work, highly important for women’s labour rights, especially when it comes to marginalized women. In addition, we aim to support the group’s efforts to create an overview of the current situation of marginalization and to support women in isolared areas.


Roma Women’s Association “Nada”, Aleksinac

RSD: 150,000

As the pandemic has challenged conducting the group’s regular activities, which primarily implies direct work with schoolgirls, RWFund has supported the group for technical equipping in order to provide the conditions for the continuity of working with young Roma girls. The support directly relates to the earlier supported project “Marriage at second sight”, with the aim of prevention of forced marriages. Getting tablet devices, headphones and SIM cards with internet has enabled grils without internet access to still engage in the planned activities. Moreover, the obtained technology enabled the parents to take part in the workshops as well.