Reconstruction Women’s Fund invites you to the celebration of its 15th anniversary and to JOYFULNESS CRAZYNESS 10!

2019 radost ludost X 04-min

Saturday, October 12,  20-23:00 @CZKD, Center for Cultural Decontamination, 21, Birčaninova St!

Reconstruction Women’s Fund is honored to invite you to the celebration of fifteen years of its work, and to the action we have been organizing for ten years already – JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS!

Throughout all these years, working in a country where nothing is stable, where changes happen on a daily basis and survival, struggle, work and political activities become more and more demanding, particularly for women, RWF has succeeded to preserve its mission, to resist to the totalitarian regime and get plenty of joy as a result of plenty of craziness. Many women, women’s organizations, collectives and initiatives got financial, feminist and support in solidarity.

This year, Joyfulness Craziness 10 will focus on the work of RWF itself.

Special guests of this journey through space and time will be:

–       Dekadenca & Lady K, charismatic duet that will take us sailing to the adventure of the night

–       Ephemeral Confessions, bringing on their songs that will launch us to the Mars

–       Soft Match, hilarious duet for the full blown partying for the very end

+ The installation Reconstruction in 15 Views will be made with the assistance of the designer Katarina Popović.


Lady K + Dekadenca is a cabaret duet performing for several years already. Their popular songs, backed up by a piano and two microphones, will take us through their latent loves and exotic journeys!


Ephemeral Confessions are post-cabaret drag extravaganza which defies canons, categories, templates, and patterns, focusing on the stage musical hybrid form that not only refers to the entire spectrum of the historical practice of drag as an art form but also articulates a critical daily-political reality. Ephemeral Confessions is a group of diversely experienced performers or rather their regularly performed characters – drag queens Markiza de Sada & Dekadenca, drag kings Zed Zeldić Zed, Darlin Brando & Fritz Klein and faux queen, Johanna Helmut Kohl.


MEKI SPOJ (Soft Match in Serbian)is a romantic duo.
MEKI SPOJ is a music embodiment of your most fragile emotions.
MEKI SPOJ is giving you a full indulgence of your hidden, pathetically dramatic feelings…

With MEKI SPOJ, you dance, kiss and melt… 



Reconstruction Women’s Fund ( ) is the first local women’s foundation in Serbia. Through its programs, it supports activities for the full realization of women’s human rights, academic exchange, pacifist / anti-militarist engagement, artist engagement, cooperation and solidarity.

This journey through fifteen years of work of the only local women`s foundation in Serbia will bring us the moments of learning, sharing and connecting. See you!!!




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