Reconstruction Women`s Fund invites you to the event SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST 16, to be held on June 8, 20 – 23:00, at the club Ljubimac, 15, Cetinjska St. We will celebrate our struggles and you will have a chance to donate! 

Women`s groups, organizations, collectives, but also individual women, are important social actors, especially in our foggy and overwhelmingly violent environment. We are often told: It`s easy for you in Belgrade, wish you knew the situation for the rest of us in Serbia. And we do try to get to know it, through communication, solidarity associations or financial support to women`s groups across Serbia. Therefore, we will use this evening to present you our General Support program, as well as some of the groups we have been continually supporting in their struggle to make their environment better.

We are proud when women from Counseling for Women with Breast Cancer ‘’Jefimija’’ from Užice, whom we provide general support, tell us that their work has contributed to the lowest mortality rate from breast cancer in the Zlatibor county, lowest in the whole central Serbia. But we are really worried to hear that women in health institutions face with offensive remarks such as “You have cancer but you care more about putting on some make-up!” That`s why it is important for Jefimija to continue the education, communication, and all the work they do.

We will also have with us the representatives of some other organizations whose struggle for better future we believe in and support:

  • Milica Lupšor, from Association for Women`s Labor Rights “Roza” from Zrenjanin, will tell us about significance of the work of their association of mostly precarious workers, women who have felt first hand various forms of injustice, discrimination, mobbing.
  • Ljilja Bogavac, Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade – COUNSELING AND TRAINING CENTER (providing psychological support to children and women survivors of sexual violence, and training center for colleagues engaged in the protection of children and women from domestic violence and sexual abuse).
  • Marija Jakovljević, Program Development Coordinator at Reconstruction Women`s Fund.

“Sisters Are Doing It Best” presents women whose actions, work, energy and knowledge make visible changes in the society.

Andrea Forca will start up the music atmosphere of the evening, and DJ Magda Janjić will take us through the rest of the music night!

Don’t forget some money for your drinks and donations to our box – Cakana!

8th of June is also the World Oceans Day, and we consider it important to interlink important ecological dates with vigorous efforts of women in order to make this planet Earth a better place for all!



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