Social economy in (post)conflict areas

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Zadruga Oktobar,  Strahinjića bana 33, 31. januar 2019 u 18.30!

Dear all,

Reconstruction Women’s Fund invites you to the event on the social economy in (post) conflict areas. We want to open a discussion on the social economy from a feminist and peace perspective.

What is the role of social economy in a country that has been ruined through war and privatization, i.e. in neoliberal context?

What are its potentials and positive impact and what are limitations and potential negative effects?

How do we look at the social economy from a peace and feminist perspective?

We’ve invited intiatives from Northern Ireland and Serbia to present their work  and provide experince-based information  for discussion.

The event was created in cooperation with the Foundations for Peace Network. The Reconstruction Women’s Fund is devoted to  exchanging knowledge  and critical reflection on politics and current trends. On this occasion, we decided to open space for sharing knowledge from the FFP network and initiate a political discussion on the social economy from a feminist perspective at the local level, after participating in a peer-learning event in Dere, N. Ireland. We will present two initiatives from Serbia and Northern Ireland, discuss the current political and economic context in these countries in relation to armed conflicts and peacebuilding processes, raise questions about the political implications of such initiatives, especially in relation to women and communities in (post)conflict areas.

Our colleagues and political friends agreed to contribute:

Sean Feenan, Foundation for Peace Network

Conal McFeely, Rath Mor Center and Cregan Enterprises in Derry

Nikoleta Kosovac, Liceulice, Belgrade

Milica Gudović, Bagel Bejgl / Athens, Belgrade 

and the host will be Marija Jakovljević, Reconstruction Women’s Fund

The participants will speak in English and Serbian. Translation is not provided. If there are volunteers on site, we can organize a translation group.





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