Rapid Response Grants

Approved – September 2019

Number of grants: 1

Women in Black 

RSD: 30.000

Context: Since suing the ex-mayor of Brus for sexual harassment, Marija Lukic is continuously exposed to public threats and insults, and her photos and personal data from her health record were misused. Jutka got his representative mandate back, which opens up a possibility of his re-election as the major of Brus and sends a dangerous message to survivors of sexual violence who could think that, if they report the violence, they won’t be taken seriously. In this situation, organizing civil society to follow the trial was necessary, as they come as a support to Marija Lukic, as well as to encourage other sexual violence survivors to report attackers. With this grant, Reconstruction Women’s Fund supported the activists to attend the trial held in Krusevac.