Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – June 2018

Number of grants: 8

1. Women in Black

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: Solidarity! Is Our Strength – Solidarity! With Refugees

About the project: “Project will include solidarity actions with refugees from the Middle East and Africa, such as visiting places where refugees are located and providing solidarity assistance. Purpose of these visits will be to explore the situation they are in, as well as to inform the broader public of their position and needs, through writing and publishing regular reports. Project will also include organization of street actions aiming to draw attention to the position of refugees and to promote ideas of solidarity among local population. Through spreading the ideas of solidarity and expressing clear political messages intended to put pressure onto Serbian authorities to fulfill the obligations prescribed by the international conventions regarding provisions on assistance and integration of refugees who would like to stay in Serbia, as well as to stop sales of weapons to conflicted parties, and to promote ideas and attitudes opposed to militarism, nationalism and racism. Thus, with the addition of Women in Black experience of direct actions and street activism, we make a part of the broader movement in the country, the region and at the global level, and through providing assistance and solidarity with refugees we fight against the growing extreme right-wing wave that has been taking over the whole world.”


2.  Bread Theatre

  • RSD: 246.000,00
  • Project title: I Am Not A Rock / Do Not Be A Rock

About the project: “Campaign I AM NOT A ROCKconsists of series of artistic actions including performances, videos, music videos and open, dialogue platforms aiming to sensitize and activate children and youth when it comes to cases of injustice, peer violence and discrimination. The campaign is accompanying the show named WORD OF ROCK, a musical show that tells the story of Milica, a girl growing up in a society marked with patriarchal values and consumerism, full of social injustice and discrimination, as well as peer violence on the Internet, that all pushes her toward attempt of suicide. Even though the show has a happy ending, in reality kids in Serbia as young as 12 commit suicides due to peer violence. One of the findings of ours, based on direct contact with children and youth (target group: 11 – 17 years of age), is that the most frequent but also the most dangerous role in the cases of peer violence, and in society in general too, is the role of silent observers, a neutral role of just standing there as a rock on the road. Too many passive individuals just observe the violence going on before their eyes, or any other such phenomenon.”


3BeFem, Feminist Cultural Center

  • RSD: 125.000,00
  • Project title: “Cool for the BeFem Media Summer”

About the project: “Project Cool for the BeFem Media Summeris intended to produce and promote media contents promoting feminism, women`s politics, as well as models of resistance to the growing fascization of society / growing authoritarianism and nationalism. At the same time, they also aim to create innovative methods of communication with various actors in public and media space in different geographical regions in Serbia, characterized by specific experience shaped by nationalism, racism and militarism. Our focus is to improve visibility of women in the media and enhance the impact we have on creators of media policies in order to make them acknowledge their responsibility for gender equality and women`s rights through changing the distribution of power in a society, that is reflected in public and media space through the Equality Bureau. A special focus is on raising visibility of different ones, of various minority and marginalized groups, such as young women from villages.”



  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: Genero – A Journal of Feminist Theory and Cultural Studies (22/2018)

About the project: “Genero magazine has existed since 2002 and from the very beginning the main motive for publicizing this feminist magazine was to collect, document, disseminate and produce feminist knowledge, as well as to open spaces for feminism and feminist theory within the “official” institutional knowledge. Idea and the crucial motive was to open space for women`s voices to be heard in often inaccessible and hierarchical space of institutional knowledge. Idea was also to conquer space in scientific periodicals, i.e. to make this magazine a part of the official list of scientific magazines of the Ministry of Science, and it was achieved in 2013. Even though it is clear that the politics of formal institutions, including the university, is to silence voices that differ, projects such as Genero and gender studies programs present a sort of rebellious knowledge within the system which either excludes or co-opts and depoliticizes potentially subversive actions. Ever since it was founded till this very day, Genero, as a magazine that publishes primarily critical and original works of feminist theory and cultural studies, represents an important factor of visibility of feminist theory in the academic space, but also a space of struggle and activism against dominant and excluding structures of knowledge production.”


5. Labris

  •  RSD: 299.000,00
  • Project title: “Sisterhood and Unity – Anthology on Lesbian Activism

About the project: “Objective of the project is to promote regional lesbian activism and lesbian rights, as well as to research activist politics in (post)Yugoslav space, in order to archive past activist initiatives and improve their work and mutual cooperation in the future. The project is intended both for activists and the broadest audience interested in these subjects. Another objective of the project is to translate the anthology “SISTERHOOD AND UNITY – Lesbian Activism in the (Post) Yugoslav Space”. Editors of the anthology are Bojan Bilić and Marija Radoman. This project is the result of the need to translate to Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian this important publication that includes intertwined academic and activist voices that are trying to document almost four decades of lesbian activism in Yugoslav space. It is very important for us to publish this anthology locally, because it is a major contribution to rarely acknowledged role lesbian activists played in undermining of deeply rooted patriarchal values, values responsible for Yugoslav wars, widespread violence against women and still very high levels of lesbophobia /homophobia in all the post-Yugoslav states.”


6. Free Zone

  • RSD: 285.000,00
  • Project title: The 14thFree Zone Film Festival 

About the project: “The 14thFree Zone film festival will show movies that present the best works of the contemporary socially engaged cinematography in three towns – Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš.

Goal of the festival is to popularize artistic and engaged films in order to raise public awareness, and particularly awareness of young people, of the position of vulnerable social groups in the context of growing nationalism in Serbia and the region, but also globally. The festival program sheds light on current social issues, examining their local and global economical, political and cultural context, and inspires the audience to take a critical stand toward its own community.“


7. Organization for Promoting Activism OPA

  • RSD: 245.000,00
  • Project title: Rock Camp For Girls

About the project: “The young female team members behind the first Rock Camp For Girls in this part of Europe, held last summer on Avala, set up an ambitious goal – to make even more successful and visible rock camp for girls for the new generation of participants from all over Serbia, as a form of support and affirmation for their interests and talents, despite maybe non-supporting environment. The second camp will be held at the end of June 2018 in Sremski Karlovci. The project will support 30 girls aged 10 – 14 in mastering the basics of rock’n’roll, enhancing their self-esteem and recognizing their own potentials for activism and initiative. Our team understands music as a generator of different cultural meanings which individuals or groups use to define themselves and others. Thus music, as a reflection and product of a cultural context, serves as one of the places of constructing and challenging existing identities. We use music in general, and specifically rock genre, as a channel for sending out the messages of peace and/or against all forms of discrimination. Specifically, using songs that convey messages of peace, offering examples of groups and women musicians of different nationalities, ethnic and racial belonging, Rock Camp aims to make girls aware of the importance of inclusion and anti-discrimination on all grounds.”


8. Informal group Ana Isaković, Ramiz Huremagić i Aneta Goranović 

  • RSD: 200.000,00
  • Project titleRe-Installing a Woman – Un-Installing a Myth / “Would You Like To See Me Again Sometimes?”

About the project: “The play was made as a poetic and dramatic view of the act of rape in the contemporary society, and thus analyzes the attitude of the system and individuals toward the position of woman – victim of rape. Authors have set up this drama based on their own experiences, one as a victim of a serial rapist, and the other as a part of the criminal justice system, which finds and brings the perpetrators of such acts to justice.”