Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – February 2018

Number of grants: 8

1. Alternative Center for Girls, Kruševac

  • RSD: 298,400.00
  • Project title: They are speaking again 

About the project: “This project is intended to the community of admirers and contemporaries of anti-fascist policies, traditions and values, to the citizens of the city of Kruševac and the environment that for the past twenty or thirty years have forgotten or suppressed the anti-fascist past of their city, to the young people who grew up and grew along with evident absence and neglect of the course of anti-fascist struggle in the area of ​​Kruševac. The project will be realized on the territory of the city of Krusevac with the goal of returning unjustly forgotten and unjustly marginalized heroines of local anti-fascist struggle in local history. ”


2. Center for Development of an Open Society Agora, Bela Palanka

  • RSD: 299,700.00
  • Project title:  Psycho-social support for Roma teenagers in conflict with patriarchal order

About the project: “In the immensely traditional patriarchal community, such as the Roma community in Bela Palanka , the project will encourage, empower and support a group of 20 young women and girls to not continue the reproduction of such an order, not to accept sexism as a normal phenomenon, but to follow feminist and pacifist ideals. In this environment, there are no similar actions in this area, and patriarchy, sexism and militarism are firmly connected. ”


3. Arts group Hop.La! , Belgrade

  • RSD: 297.800,00
  • Project title: Epic Games: Dusan’s Marriage

About the project: “Epic games is the theater project that intervenes in the rigid school system by stimulating the critical attitude of children and young people towards literature and social reality, but also inspires and educates pedagogues for alternative access to education. Critical reading of the epic poem Dusan’s Marriage warns of the patriarchal stereotypes present in the school readers. The saga of the (anti) hero Miloš Vojnovic and his moral degradation are placed in the ambience of the gymnasium, and so apart from giving children and teachers a different look at the content of the school reader, we also change their perception of known space and school routine. ”


4. The Equality, Belgrade

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: Institutional support to the human rights organisation Equality

About the project: “The project should support the work of an anti-racist organization, which in its work focuses on the fight against discrimination and violations of the rights of Roma people. This project will enable autonomous and critical action in a situation where space for human rights activism is extremely narrow. The support will allow us to continue our non-project activities for which we can not otherwise get support. ”


5. Workers’ Commune Links, Belgrade

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: KundK (Knjiga & kritika – book and critique)
  • About the project: “The Kund K project is being implemented on the Links website and it started in 2017. The aim is to critically read the production of books in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, and precisely those books concerning the common destiny of this region. There is also a cultural-socio-political underground that exists outside the focus of the mainstream media, and is important for understanding the current processes. The aim is to build an alternative intellectual network for the evaluation of the literary production of this region, made of young critics and authors. The ultimate impact of the project would be the affirmation of topics that are crucial for a public debate in a post-traumatic society, which are as such suppressed on the margin.”


6. Zidarke (Women Builders), Zemun

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: Build it Up

About the project: “The project includes research and preparation of manuals for determining damage and reconstruction of objects affected by war. The focus is on collecting manual materials for women from displaced areas who are planning to return to areas once affected by the war. The activities envisioned by the project aim to ensure the emancipation and empowerment of displaced women in the narrower scale, as well as the possible destigmatization of people from areas affected by war, on a wider scale. ”


7. LICEULICE, Belgrade

  • RSD: 252.270,00
  • Project titleAfter All – Still Anti-fascism

About the project: “We think that the media play an extremely important role in articulating the way we talk about immediate reality. In this regard, the edition of our magazine dedicated to antifascism would certainly contribute to changing the way we talk about antifascism today – it would be one step in changing the perception of anti-Fascism as a “passive” historical term to an “active” political concept that can, in part, be the umbrella term for the various fights that are still taking place today. Anti-fascism – in order to really call it that way – must also include the fight against militarism, nationalism, racism, patriarchy, capitalism, and all forms of exclusion and repression. ”


8. Women in Black, Belgrade

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: Agonistic Mourning: Political Dissidence and the Women in Black

About the project: “The focus is translation of the book of Athene Athanasiou Agonistic Mourning: Political Dissidence and WiB. The author of the book is a lecturer in social anthropology, antimilitarist and member of the International Network of Women in Black. The aim of this project is to present political philosophy, ethical principles and the aesthetics of the resistance of Women in Black, in a way the author understands it. ”