Rapid Response Grants

Approved – April 2018

Number of grants: 1

  1. Roza – association for women’s labor rights
  • RSD: 74.000,00

ContextThe implementation of austerity and rationalization measures led to the abolition of the entire hygiene service (with mostly female workers) in Tourist and Sport Organization in Prokuplje, and even more workers than the rationalization was requiring, got dismissals. After these layoffs, the dismissed female workers organized a strike, which later, in the form of support, was joined by other employees. The ruling regime took advantage to dismiss the members of the strike trade union in Prokuplje, on the pretext that the strike was unlawful.

The workers, who received the cancelation of contract provided by the rationalization, as well as three women from the Strike Committee and the President of the Strike Committee, filed a lawsuit for the cancellations they received as a result of striking. After the first trial within this process, the workers from the Strike Committee who joined the protest were returned to work by the decision of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Issues that annulled the decision on the cancellation passed by the inspection in Prokuplje.


Although the inspection decision has been annulled, workers still remained in the lawsuit for the rest of dismissed workers. So far, five trials have been held. Each trial was accompanied by solidarity actions that were not only support to dismissed workers, but also act of increasing visibility and public attention to these cases.

Urgent grant was used to cover refreshment and travel costs for 20 activists coming to Prokuplje from Belgrade, Krusevac, Vlasotince, Leskovac and Zrenjanin.