sestre 13

Reconstruction Women`s Fund invites you to our action SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST 13 – donate, socialize and react! Saturday, November 25th, 19-22:00, Ljutić, Stevana Sremca 5, Belgrade.

This night we dedicated to raising money for Valentina, a mother of three children who from domestic violence got into partner violence. She reached out and reported it to the police, Centre for Social Welfare and other institutions in charge, but none of them did anything to punish him. Unfortunately, due to lack of response from the ones in charge, even today Valentina has visible physical consequences and suffers from fear. Even though we can`t fully solve this problem, we wish to be of help by committing this evening to raising money for Valentina`s broken jaw and teeth.

There are organizations that deal with the issue of violence against women, femicide, and also individual calls of women who tell us it would be good to contribute in such a situation. Of course, there are many stories like this, but what`s now important is to raise as much as possible to help Valentina eat with no problems and smile without feeling shame!

Bring the money for drinks and for our donation box!

SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST ” represent women whose actions, work, energy and knowledge make visible changes in the society.

Our guests for the evening will be:

  • Ida Prester, musician, journalist, Lollobrigida
  • Nada Đuričković, Roma activist/ Roma Centre for Women and Children DAJE

Our DJ Margarita will play Scandinavian music.

SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST will be held on November 25, the very beginning of the campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women – the campaign we will, once again this year, realize proudly with our friends, sending out the message that


Show your solidarity at this evening of donations to those who need it the most at the moment!!! 


If you want to support our work visit: rwfund.org/eng/join-in/you-can-support-us


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