Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – June 2017

Number of grants: 8


1. FemSlam football

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: Kick the Ball Against Nationalism

About the project: “The project is planned as two-day event organized around/through football – a place of encounters, safe space for workshops and discussions, exchange of experience and generating new joint actions and projects. Our goal is to gather LBT women from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia, women of different national and sexual identities that would give football a new dimension – free from the burden of nationalism, ethnic conflicts and destructive social phenomena that have been accumulated and persistently revived through daily politics ever since the 90s till this very day.”


2.  Feminist Fanzine 

  • RSD: 178.100,00
  • Project title: Feminist Fanzine 

About the project: “Feminist fanzine is printed and online feminist publication created by women and intended for women activists, as well as those who did not have a chance to get to know more about activities of feminist and antimilitarist movement. Another reason for starting the Feminist Fanzine is wish to include into the movement women whose attitudes are similar to principles and attitudes of the feminist movement, but haven`t had a chance to learn more about its activities. A number of activities of the feminist movement in Belgrade, not to even mention smaller places across Serbia, have no media coverage, so it has been difficult for women to get informed. Having such a media would open possibilities for finding information, but also for possible inclusion of interested women who had no clue that there were some women-feminist organizations in their communities/towns, what were they doing, and how to reach them.”


3BeFem, Feminist Cultural Center

  • RSD: 153.000,00
  • Project title: BeFem festival 2017 “Feminist Summer Games”

About the project: “BeFem 2017, as well as all the initiatives organized by BeFem Feminist Cultural Center, was created as the response to social relations marked by growing nationalist and conservative tendencies, and patriarchate firmly directing course of lives of women and men. In the situation of limitations of rights that had previously been won, and shrinking space for freedom of expression, accompanied by increased control over public speech, BeFem represents an autonomous space which opens possibilities for alternative and all marginalized voices to be heard.”


4Alliance of Anti-Fascists of Serbia

  • RSD: 291.000,00
  • Project title: Glossary of Anti-Fascist Struggle II – What, How, and Why to Remember?  

About the project: “In the present situation, when Yugoslav anti-fascist heritage is more and more being suppressed, erased, or even criminalized, the GLOSSARY OF ANTI-FASCIST STRUGGLE II – WHAT, HOW AND WHY TO REMEMBER? (working title)results from the need to clear up the fundamental historical concepts regarding anti-fascism, fascism, and Nazism, and is primarily intended for general public. Apart from concepts relevant for Yugoslav anti-fascist heritage, the Glossary will also include those relevant for the European dimension of anti-fascism and other anti-fascist movements (such as Italian, French, Polish) and different social and political backgrounds of each of them.”


5. Association of Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia 

  •  RSD: 290.000,00
  • Project title: Caravan TIDYING UP THE YARD 

About the project: “Caravan Tidying Up the Yardis a travelling platform for dialogue that examines possibilities of participation of citizens and opens various issues of individual actions, as well as of actions of independent cultural organizations in the public sphere. During the Caravan, we examine how individuals and civil sector organizations in the four towns in Serbia, through art projects, actions and programs, play the role of active fighters against ideological matrices of archaic nationalism and clero-fascism, that are being operationalized and safeguarded through the work of usurped institutions and media. Which challenges and obstacles they face with, and how is it possible to overcome the problems, get networked and have joint actions? The idea is to improve the very form of open dialogue, to break out of the standardized frameworks by introducing the performative element – Artmobile, where interlocutors would be chosen depending on the subject. Thanks to Artmobile, Caravantravels around Serbia, and dialogues are being organized in the plenary form at main town squares or other public spaces. Everyone can ask questions, and we are looking for answers together.”


6. Free Zone, Belgrade

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: The 13thFree Zone Film Festival 

About the project: “The 13thFree Zone Film Festival will include 25 movies that present the best works of the contemporary socially engaged cinematography, and they will be shown in three towns – Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, in altogether 7 movie theatres. Like every year, goal of the festival is to popularize art house cinematography in order to raise public awareness, and particularly awareness of young people, of the position of vulnerable social groups in the context of growing nationalism in Serbia and the region, but also globally. Focused on longer documentaries, but also engaged movies, the festival program sheds light on current social issues, examining their local and global economical, political and cultural context, and inspires the audience to take active and critical stand toward its own community.“


7. Association of citizens“Center for the Advancement of Social Consciousness”

  • RSD: 284.000,00
  • Project title: And What Would You Do? 

About the project: “And What Would You Dois a serial of 4 short documentary videos in the form of psychological experiment on understanding the misfortunes of others and (lack of) development of empathy for refugees or people who were refugees in the past. We have been thinking about what we would do if we were in their shoes for a long time, ever since the wars in former Yugoslavia, when refugees of different nationalities, but almost exactly same misfortunes, arrived to the refugee house situated close to the home of one of the authors of the documentaries. Friendships with many of them, some still ongoing even though they no longer live in Serbia, gave this author the insight that made it impossible for her to understand how anyone could feel hostile and bitter toward refugees from former Yugoslav republics”.


8. Alternative Center For Girls

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: Laboratory of News and Events 

About the project: “Faced with the fabricated news and events which origin cannot be found out/detected, and accuracy and purpose cannot be checked – we decided to research the sources and possible media role models of current media manipulations and efforts to instrumentalize the audience for war-mongering politics. Therefore we will do a comparative study of newspaper (media) material from historical archives and libraries at the territory of the city of Kruševac in the period 1996-1999 and headlines in printed and electronic local media today.”