Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – November 2016

Number of grants: 6

1. ARTTERROR, Belgrade

RSD: 300.000,00

Project title: The Diary about Plants

About the project: The Diary about Plants is a feature length documentary-experimental film. The film wants to show how digital technology could treat nature; our direct connections with the nature and plants through cultural models; and the place in the practice of resistance and freedom fighting. The film perceives national and sexual stereotypes, unveiling them when it would not be obvious. The concept of the film is regional, going beyond the borders of the countries of former Yugoslavia, as an act of confronting nationalism, especially in the context of raising tensions in the Balkans and the historical revisionism present in recent years.


2. Informal groups Coalition for Secular State, Belgrade and Humanus, Novi Sad

RSD: 38.139,00

Project title: The first Humanistic Conference: participation from Serbia

About the project: The Conference was organized by Center for Civil Courage, Zagreb, Croatia and the participants from Serbia came from two informal groups, Coalition for Secular State and Humanus.  The first Humanistic Conference aimed to elevate knowledge on the values of humanistic thought, democratic and secular principles, human rights, feminist solidarity, civic responsibility and courage.   The Humanist Conference is a contribution to the struggle against nationalism, clericalism and religious fundamentalism which endanger and relativize human rights and fundamental principle of equality of all human beings.


3. Informal group Kombinart, Šabac

RSD: 271.000,00

Project title: Women, minorities and the social reality

About the project: The project aims to review and raise consciousness in the local community/s, in Šabac and western Serbia, about the social reality we live in, which has increasingly becoming the atmosphere of intolerance and bigotry. The project will get its visibility through an open competition and an exhibition, media as well, questioning the public on the issue of position of individual men and women in the current social reality. The competition will be opened to all who have something to say about social tendencies and their own position there, with respect to culture of tolerance, non-violence and struggle against discrimination and fascism.


4. Pannonian activist organization – PAOR, Zrenjanin

RSD: 300.000,00

Project title: It’s time for struggle, without fear, I’ve been silent enough

About the project: The project is focused around street actions-performances coming out of discussions and interviews to be done with Roma women workers about racial discrimination and mobbing in their workplaces. The organization PAOR plans through this six-month project to gather activists from Zrenjanin, who will make (record and transcript) twenty discussions-interviews with Roma women workers. After the records and the transcripts, focused on isses of racial discrimination and mobing, a performace will be created (script, coreography, audio/visual material, costumes) and the street actions will be organized in five towns in Vojvodina in cooperation with likeminded local organizations, groups and individuals.


5. Alternative Girls’ Center, Kruševac

RSD: 191.980,00

Project title: Reading as resistance to the served reality

About the project: The focus of the project is a direct work with young women and girls, in two parallel programs “Readers-debate circle” and “Engaged reality”. The realization of the first program has to enable the participants’ introduction to feminist legacy through reading, research and discussion, and the second one to actualize social and political problems and create reactions towards wider public.

6. Women’s Space, Niš

RSD: 150.000,00

Project title: Let my voice be heard too! (The campaign Month of Roma Women Activism 2017)

About the project: The project has been designed as the framework of the campaign Month of Roma Women Activism 2017, which will be realized in Serbia, from March 8th , International Women’s Day to April 8th , International Roma Day. Public panel discussions will be organized in five towns: Bujanovac, Kruševac, Pirot, Novi Bečej and Ljubovija. The issues to be discussed concern racism in our society and mechanisms which keep it working (fear, disbelief in changes, non-solidarity…) and the ways to overcome them, exactly those which Roma women use in their own lives. Short documentary, based on thinking, attitudes and decisions of the Roma women will be produced, from the material of the panels and the street march of March 8th, addressing wider public.