Rapid Response Grants

Approved – February 2016

Number of grants: 1

1. Urgent Solidar Support

  • RSD: 150.000,00
  • Context:  The activist who is using the wheel chair, was hit by the car on the pedestrian crossing and seriously injured. The car was driven over the speed limits; the driver was using the mobile phone. From the point of the law, we would say the situation is clear – there is criminal responsibility. But, as many times so far, no. The driver is the employee of Serbian government. Enough to make him “more equal before the law”. And then, the pressures and threats started. Not to bring criminal charges, or to withdraw the one. The lawyers eventually took on their job. For Reconstruction Women’s Fund the most important thing was to preserve wellbeing of the activist. To suffer no more pain, this, in combination with the stress that she was exposed to, was unbearable. The costs of necessary and urgently needed physical therapy were covered.