10 years of RWF & Joyfulness Craziness 5!

Reconstruction Women’s Fund invites you to the celebration of our 10th anniversary to JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS 5!

Friday, September 19, 20-23:00
Center for Cultural Decontamination, 21, Birčaninova St.


Reconstruction Women’s Fund is honoured to invite you to the celebration of ten years of our work and to the action we have been organizing for the fifth year already – JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS!

Throughout all these years, working in a country where nothing is stable, where changes happen on a daily basis and survival, struggle, work and political activities become more and more demanding, RWF has succeeded to preserve its mission, to resist to the totalitarian regime and get plenty of joy as a result of plenty of craziness. Many women, women’s organizations, collectives and initiatives got financial, feminist and support in solidarity.

This year, Joyfulness Craziness 5 will focus on the work of RWF itself. With action pictures, moving music and critical point of view, we invite you to sail into the celebration evening together.

Special guests of this journey through space and time are:

Cho(rror)ir – is it a choir?

Marquise de Sada, fatal seductress, bastard of a Russian revolutionary and a German aristocrat. The story tells that in a surge of passion she killed her lover and now roams the cities of Europe in search of entertainment. Of dubious morality and with an insatiable sexual appetite, she is unconquerable in arm wrestling, skilled with the sword and a champion in downing an entire bottle of absinthe. Shrouded in a veil of mystery and with an inherent and immaculate style; she chooses her company carefully and goes nowhere without her driver.

Magda Janjić, a journalist, currently online editor in Vice Serbia. Writes, but also plays music where she wants and for whom she wants. She is a resident of Idiott, and plays music for us, women, too.

JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS 5, a journey through ten years of work of the only local women’s foundation in Serbia will bring us the moments of learning, sharing and connecting. See you!!!!

Rekonstrukcija Ženski fond (www.rwfund.org ) is the first local women’s foundation in Serbia. Through its programs,  it supports  activities for the full realization of women’s human rights, academic exchange, pacifist / anti-militarist engagement, artist engagement, cooperation and solidarity.



Sisters Are Doing It Best 2

10 years of RWF & Joyfulness Craziness 5 – THANKS!