Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved – November 2011. 
Number of grants:

1. Committee for Human Rights, SOS Telephone Vranje
SOS Telephone Vranje – Zero Tolerance for family violence against women
  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Continuity of the work of SOS Telephone Vranje in the situation of no support from local municipality. Expert support and assistance to women and children victims of family violence from Vranje and seven municipalities from District Pcinjiski and improvement of the local network against violence against women.
2. Mirror  – Center for cultural research 
Silenced voices – on feminist theater/ theater practices of independent scene in Novi Sad 1989-1999.
  • RSD: 108.000,00
  • Publishing of the research by Ivana Inđin (book and CD) on feminist theater and performances practice in Novi Sad: the characteristics of the practice, position of the female artists in the context, influence of feminist ideas, activism in their work, personal lives of the artists, esthetics and poetics of their antiwar expression.
3. SOS for women and children victims of violence Vlasotince
  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Workshops in secondary school, with the students, on consequences of non-confrontation with the past and on the level of conservatism in their surroundings.
4. Club OPA 
Femixeta 2011
  • RSD: 189.000,00
  • Duplication/printing, promotion  (Ozon Gallery, Femix Fest, Užice, Zaječar, Niš, Novi Bečej within a larger program of Femix- network of female creativity) and distribution of CDs and the booklet on the second compilation of female bands Femixeta 2011, continuity of promotion of female musicians from all over Serbia, with a focus on young and unestabished artists.
5. Roma Center for Women Daje 
Work of SOS telephone for Roma women
  • RSD: 292.320,00
  • Workshops on Daje SOS telephone for Roma women in three settlements in
  • Zvezdara, Lazarevac and Deponija municipalities, SOS consultations – emotional and psychological support, legal aspects of family and sexual violence, assistance in approaching institutions.
6. Association of Roma “Danica” Pančevo
Stop violence against Roma women
  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Permanent visits and workshops in the settlements on violence against women and individual consultations with Roma women in Deponija, Dolovo and Jabuka, assistance in obtaining documents, information on institutional domain.
7. Labris, lesbian human right organisation 
Labris Sports Group
  • RSD: 118.800,00
  • Labris sports group (within Labris organization) gathers lesbians, bisexual, trans and friendly women around sports and recreation, with the aim to empower individuals and the lesbian community, to create new spaces as well as links with regional and European associations. The organizers and trainers volunteer their time; the money goes for renting sports hall, purchase of requisites and EGLSF membership fee.
8. Independant Women’s Center Dimitrovgrad 
Women rights are human rights – Learn our rights
  • RSD: 193.640,00
  • Workshops with gymnasium students on gender based violence, discrimination and inequality. Eduactional meetings of the activits. Legal aid by the guest lawyer from SOS Telephone Vlasotince.