Rapid Response Grants – Urgent Action Fund

Approved – December 2007.

Number of grants: 1

1. Association of Roma from Novi Bečej
  • RSD: 69.000,00
  • Name of the project: Round table “Together Against Violence”
  • Project goal: Association of Roma from Novi Bečej is Roma women’s group supported by RWF since 2004. In last two years the group became one of our key partners in developing a comprehensive program on violence against Roma women, to come to terms to opening SOS telephone in minority languages (Roma, Hungarian, Romanian) as well in Serbian to support victims of domestic violence in the sub-region of Banat. Peer exchange was one of the methods we practiced in the process, so the groups from Novi Becej was supported by SOS telephone form Velika Plana, who is experienced in running SOS telephone service. The capacity of the group was built through a full training and supervision as well. During national campaign in 2007, 16 Days of activism against violence against women, we decided to pay full attention to the localization of the campaign through extensive program of 16 workshops and panels facilitated by the Association and their network colleagues, Roma women from the sub region of Banat. Also, the traveling performance against violence, which goes to a limited number of cities, devoted on of the sessions to Novi Becej. All these activities, with the peak of launching SOS telephone in Roma and other minority languages cumulated to an idea to grab the moment and use the energy to gather together local institutions and to present the problems. RWF decided to support the round table as an activity plus to the projected program and the result was high participation. The program was led by the Association. Two supportive women’s organizations, from Belgrade and Velika Plana, were guest speakers on good practices. The County President of Novi Becej opened the plenary and in the audience there were a female judge (who became their supporter after the meeting), Director of the local Center for Social Work, two officers from Provincial Ministries, coordinators of two local Roma offices, guest Roma and non-Roma women’s groups etc.