Deborah Hunt: How do I reflect our times?

Deborah Hunt – face masks and helmet masks from ” The Package”.

Deborah Hunt is an artist who makes masks and theatre puppets, a performer with over 45 years of experience in creating and playing original theatre works, mostly for adults. She was born in New Zealand, and has lived in Puerto Rico for 20 years, where she has continued developing her unique style of mask-making and object theatre. Thanks to her works she travels a lot and holds different workshops around the world. We had a chance to host her in Belgrade where, in cooperation with ACT Women, she held a mask-making workshop for the performance TIRED!




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Tata Traore Rogers: We need funds to be able to build a strong movement!


TATA article

Reconstruction Women`s Fund keeps on spreading the voices of women who inspire and motivate us, within our programme of feminist philanthropy. We talked to our friend, colleague and a great activist Tata Traore – Rogers.

Tata has a rich activist experience in working with people both from margins and centre of social dynamics.

She is currently working as an executive director in the organization Turning Point and invests a lot of energy into providing basic living conditions for young girls living in the streets or having no home. We met Tata in New York at the meeting organized by Astrea foundation, where she also used to work as executive director. We are using this chance to congratulate Astrea foundation its dedicated work that lasts for 40 years already.

And now let’s hear what Tata has to say: