Rapid Response Grants

Approved – March 2020

Number of grants: 3

Women in Black, Belgrade

RSD: 150.000

Recognizing the diverse dimensions of COVID19 crisis, its political, class, gender, ethnic and other aspects, the group has also recognized the necessity of solidarity with the activists from the Women in Black Network and the communities they work with.

With this grant, RWF has supported Women in Black to organize meetings and solidarity & support actions in more than 10 places in Serbia.


Roma Women and Children Centre Daje, Beograd

RSD: 143.000

The state of emergency and crisis caused by COVID19 has particularly struck Roma communities, families living in substandard settlements, without access to water and electricity. Besides that, restricted freedom of movement during the state of emergency has imposed additional hardships on families making a living on collecting waste. Roma families in isolated substandard settlements have been vastly left without adequate systemic support.

With this grant, RWF has supported Roma Women and Children Centre Daje in distributing food and hygiene supplies to Roma families, primarily with the aim of helping women and children to bridge the crisis period. The field action included providing women with monthly bus tickets to ease their access to safety mechanisms and jobseeking.


Out of the Circle Niš 

RSD: 126.300

After being left without public financial support, the organization Out of the Circle Niš, which provides legal and psychosocial help to women with disabilities and deals with protecting women with disabilities from violence, has found itself in a difficult position during the state of the emergency caused by the pandemic.

During the state of emergency, the organization kept on providing essential support to women with disabilities to help them cope easier with the consequences of the crisis. With this grant, RWF wishes to contribute to the continuity of the organization’s work, as well as a wider struggle against the discrimination of people with disabilities and organizations who fight for improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.


Social centre October, Belgrade

As a social centre and activist space, October has been supporting itself based on the principles of self-sustainability and solidarity, with the help of visitors’ donations. The state of emergency caused by COVID19 has left this space without any income and in great risks. October is one of the rare meeting points for left, feminist, green and other progressive groups of activists, local and international guests, a space for learning, socializing and working.

With this grant, RWF provides a solidarity support to Social centre October for more efficient coping with the consequences of the COVID19 crisis and covering a part of the essential expenses.