Rapid Response Grants

Approved – March 2020

Number of grants: 3

BeFem, Belgrade

RSD: 35.000

At the beginning of the crisis caused by COVID19, BeFem recognized the danger of women, women’s voices and identities, as well as the ways in which women cope with isolation challenges during the state of emergency, may remain at the margins of public discourse.

With this grant, RWF has supported the campaign Regional Feminist Quarantine, which implied several videos with guest women activists speaking about recommendations for self-isolation/self-organization, about personal and political implications of the situation, opening space for a new form of alliance and solidarity.

Liceulice, Belgrade

RSD: 148.000

Since the work of those who sell Liceulice magazine directly relates to the streets, the state of emergency and restricted freedom of movement was almost an insurmountable challenge for this organization. The magazine sellers are diversely marginalized and, due to the lack of systemic support, they have faced dangers of losing roof above their heads and inability to afford food, medications and other essentials.

With this grant, RWF has supported Liceulice to make it easier for their most deprived sellers to bridge the crisis period, by providing them with food and hygiene packages, as well as through psychosocial support in Belgrade and Novi Sad. With this grant, we have also supported the production of a special online issue of the magazine Liceulice.


A 11 – Initiative for economic and social rights, Belgrade

RSD: 150.000

By establishing the Law on determining the facts about the status of newborns thought to have disappeared from the maternity wards in the Republic of Serbia, two new mechanisms were established, none of which has all the necessary characteristics that would provide parents with full satisfaction, both in finding out the truth about the destiny of their children and finding and punishing the culprits of the crime.

With this grant, RWF has supported the creation of an expert opinion for developing a legal argumentation that would be used in criminal charges that would again be pressed against all the suspects that the parents have discovered in the previous 20 years, but also against potential newfound people suspected to be child traffickers. Also, the expert opinion would be used as an argumentation in front of the Constitutional Court of Serbia and international legal bodies.