Rapid Response Grants

Approved – December 2020

Number of grants: 2

Association Group “Go Out”, Novi Sad

RSD: 132,000

During the pandemic, the Group “Go Out”, due to numerous specific circumstances, notes the intensification of needs of the LGBTQI community for psychological support and recognizes the need of their volunteers for additional training and development of their young psychological counseling service. Through this grantm RWFund supports the group’s efforts to provide timely and adequare support to the LGBTQI community in their environment, having in mind that the need of these mechanisms is additionall yimoortant in the ongoing context of the given environment, when progressive strengths are being systematically weakened, leaving LGBTQI community without important allies.


Successful women of Kostolac 

RSD: 17,000

The problem of violence against women continues to be a problem at the judiciary level, where women survivors of violence are sometimes re-traumatized, and not only that they do not find satisfaction of justice but they are also sometimes punished under certain circumstances. By awarding this urgent grant to the Successful Women of Kostolac, RWF has supported a woman who was punished for self-defense in violent situation she has experienced at her workplace.