Rapid Response Grants

Approved – March 2020

Number of grants: 2

Collective Action A Roof over Head, Belgrade

RSD: 150.000

Highlighting how the COVID19 crisis has additionally marginalized groups of people who are generally ina precarious position, people without a home, people from non-formal and overpopulated settlements, as well as other deprived and impoverished citizens, but also recognizing the inadequate and discriminatory response from the institutions, Collective Action A Roof over Head has organized a network of volunteers for providing support to endangered people during the state of emergency.

With this grant, RWF has supported CA Roof over Head in providing food and hygiene supplies for deprived families, considering that the support this organization provides on the ground level overcomes humanitarian aid and highlights the burning issues, primarily relating to the lack of access to housing, problems with private executors and destructive consequences of continuous systemic discrimination and oppression.


Association of Roma Women NADA, Aleksinac

RSD: 139.200

With the rise of the confirmed cases of COVID19 in Aleksinac and its surroundings, Association of Roma Women NADA has recognized the necessity of providing hygiene supplies to Roma communities around Aleksinac as a measure of prevention of virus spreading.

With this grant, RWF has supported the Association of Roma Women NADA in a volunteer action of distributing hygiene packages for 80 families in Roma settlements in Žitkovac and Prćilovica. The action was conducted in collaboration with the organization Opre Roma Aleksinac. The action of distribution also implied introducing communities to information relating to precautionary measures, which are unavailable to many families living without access to any sources of information, which additionally underlines the marginalization of Roma people that has only been intensified in its bare essential shape during the pandemic.