Friday, November 25, 20-23:00, Ljutić, Stevana Sremca 5, Belgrade!

Reconstruction Women’s Fund in the action SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST 10 brings the issues to react on!

In the campaign led by Autonomous Women’s Center and Network Women against Violence,  for May 18th to be established as The Comemorative Day of Murdered Women Victims of Violence, we invite you to participate, come and sign! 

That date highlights that within 72 hours, May 16, 17, 18 in Serbia in 2015, seven women were murdered in the family-partnership context.  The first signatures of support came from family members of women victims of femicide!

This time, with the action SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST we want to invite you to collect money for the Fund to assist women victims of violence. All the money collected will be handed to Autonomous Women’s Center.

Bring the money for drinks and box donations!

“SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST” presents women who with their actions, work, energy and knowledge make the visible changes in society.

This evening our guests are:

·       Svetlana Ilić, activist of RomaWomen’s Center BIBIJA

·       Vedrana Lacmanović, activist of Network Women against Violence

DJ master: Mečkica!

Our special guest plays trumpet: Marina Milošević!

These SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST are on November 25, which is the starting day of the Campaign 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women, where we stand always proudly with our friends and send the message:  SOLIDARITY IS OUR STRENGTH!

 Bring the money to buy a drink and to give to donation box!




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